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Elderly Shmelderly!… Bust the Myth of Aging with this Revolutionary Online Movement Class for Retirees

Pain is not necessarily because of old age. It’s often due to mis-using our bodies everyday for decades. It’s because of tight muscles that have accrued over a lifetime. Your body becomes increasingly stiff. You may just need to unravel tension, in which case you would need to learn how and practice.

The movements I teach in these online classes do exactly that. They help us unwind years of pain and tension through gentle, repetitive and functional movements. People get results and relief.  Feeling returns to numb limbs, range of motion is increasingly restored, old injuries are cured and pain disappears. When the muscular system is unlocked from years of being locked from too much tension everything feels and works better.

As a Massage Therapist, I consistently see retirees unable to enjoy their lives the way they would like too. So I created this class to help make old people feel young again. We have this belief that as we get old we can’t move anymore. There is a myth going around! I have seen old people feel mobile and supple by incorporating these simple movements into their lives.

I am also a certified Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi teacher and yet these movements I will teach you are the most effective I have ever seen at gaining flexibility, energy and strength with so little effort. Get back to basics: Human Movement 101. Re-learn the basics of movement so you can enjoy your retirement more. Establish a foundation for a new way of living and feeling.

“Retire Don’t Expire!”

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