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Julie Chertow is the founder and inventor of the AromaDome®, an enclosure that looks like a pop-up tent, and is used to contain the mist and molecules of Young Living Therapeutic Grade essential oils while they are diffused into this clever personal-sized dome. It took Julie 9 years, experimenting with different prototypes and chemical-free fabrics, finding the right manufacturer and demonstrating the AromaDome to Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils. This past year, Julie opened Essential Wellness – an AromaDome center where people can come for personal AromaDome sessions. Essential Wellness also houses the dazzling Café Aroma, the world’s first cafe solely dedicated to essential oil-infused foods. Café Aroma is all-organic, non-GMO and gluten-free. Located next to Bloomsbury Books in downtown Ashland, the space also offers a studio loft for educational classes and workshops. We met with Julie to get a tour of the cafe as well as to learn about the unique services available.

Julie, thanks for speaking with us today. Cafe Aroma is really a one-of-a-kind cafe/healing center. Please tell us more.

As far as we know, we are the first in the world to serve the Young Living essential oils in a cafe setting. Everyone comments on the beauty of the space as soon as they walk in. I even put a crushed crystal mixture in the wall paint to keep out EMFs! So the place also feels wonderful. I have spent the last 34 years dedicating my life to the world of essential oils. My interest started in using the oils to add a nice smell to my plain massage oil, thinking my clients would like the scent. I had no teachers, training or any books on aromatherapy. Back then aromatherapy was not well known. It was quite esoteric really. I had collected 20 different brands of oils – quite the collection that I used for 14 years every day with my clients. But with no training or awareness about anything other than they smelled good, I did not know that I could expect any results. So I remained totally ignorant and continued using them in every session.

I had 120 oils at that point. I had a deep feeling about oils, probably from lifetimes gone by, but I was not experiencing anything remarkable – not until I decided to see my friend Sophia, a profound healer. I was going through a change in a relationship and my heart felt so weary and heavy with grief and sadness. I tried everything I knew to do to shift this grief but nothing was working. Sophia had been trying for 6 months to share with me about these “remarkable” Young Living oils she had found and started to use. She would call me every week or so to let me know about these profound results she was seeing with her clients and that I should really buy these oils. At this point I had been moving more and more into sound healing and could not keep adding more to my already long two-hour healing sessions. I was telling Sophia that the oils were powerful because she was a powerful healer and that it was her energy that made them so “amazing.” I told her I had already put all my 120 oils in a bag, tucked them away in a closet, and I did not want to buy any more. But what happened for me on her table when she put two tiny drops of an oil called “Joy” was nothing less than a deeply profound transformation. The heaviness over my heart lifted. I was actually feeling so much lighter, and even feeling joy again, after 5 long months of trying one healing modality after the next with none bringing about any change. I later found out through many years of studying and going to 9 Young Living harvests in a row that all 20 brands of essential oils I had been using were what is called perfume grade, even though the bottles all said “Pure” or “100% Organic.” I found out that there is no comparison to Young Living oils. And so I invented the AromaDome. This then lead to global use. I saw the opportunity to reach more people and decided to open a cafe.  

Aromadome - Julie and Client

You’ve certainly lived an interesting life.

Yes I have, this is for sure!

Can you tell us a little about essential oils?

In the ancient days, the only medicine on the planet humanity was using were essential oils. The truth is if you read about the history of oils way back, only the rich, and only the royal families, the pharaohs in ancient Egypt, and the kings and queens, were the only ones who could utilize these oils. Oils were considered more precious than gold, than diamonds really. They were revered as the most precious commodity on the planet. The Christ child received frankincense, myrrh, and the gold that was spoken of was actually balsam fir oil from the three wise men! Today all we need to do to utilize these most ancient and sacred oils is call an 800 number and give a number on a plastic card and place an order, and it is delivered to our front door!

If you know the history of oils – the Bedouin frankincense traders would travel by camel caravan through the vast deserts in Egypt and Jordan. This was the original frankincense trail. Many of them would not even come back alive from the harsh conditions on this trail, whether they were being harassed by bandits or the harsh environmental conditions. I feel we might take for granted how simple and easy it is to obtain these most precious oils in today’s day and age. Being able to use this sacred medicine for my clients is such a gift. I truly have never ever seen anything as potent or as transformational as the Young Living oils in all my many years of healing! It’s really a privilege to watch them work on every single person. You don’t have to believe in them, or understand the science or how they work, for them to completely transform a person in just a few drops and a few breaths! It’s absolutely undeniable all these many years and the thousands of people I have used them on. To witness and watch them work is truly extraordinary.


What made you want to share these oils with the rest of the world?

These oils are my best friends in the realm of healing. I never used to know how I could help people with their myriad of emotional pain and physical situations. I know now I can count on my oils to be a phenomenal tool to use with clients during my healing sessions. I feel that with all the studying and wisdom I have obtained through the many years, it is my responsibility to pass this wealth of knowledge on to others. I believe that everything we would ever need for health healing and longevity can be found in the plant kingdom. There is no mistake that for thousands of years, the only medicine that was utilized was essential oils.

It was only before our generation and our parents’ generation that the pharmaceutical world came to be. It was easier, and more convenient to pop a pill than to learn about oils for healing. So really, they kind of got tucked away once the pharmaceutical world came to be. But there is a huge reemergence in today’s day and age for sure.

AromaDome® was certainly an invention that seems obvious, yet you actually did it. And now, the same has happened with the cafe.

Yes, after putting towels over my own and my clients’ heads to contain the oil molecules, it became very apparent that there was a missing link in healing. I feel like I hit the jackpot in creating and bringing forth this new healing modality, AromaDome. It’s astonishing to me that in all the thousands and thousands of years of essential oils being on our planet, and with all the many masters and teachers of essential oils, that no one else ever made anything like the AromaDome to help contain the oils. Even the founder of Young Living, Gary Young, when I first showed him my prototype, his exact words were “I’ll be darned, I have been putting towels over my head for 30 years. Julie, this is brilliant.”

As for preparing food using the oils as opposed to cooking with herbs, this was more than obvious to me. Knowing that the essential oils are the lifeblood of the plant – they are actually the immune system of the plant – I knew their flavor was so much more potent than that of dried or even fresh herbs. I love herbs for sure, but they are the dried leaves or different parts of the plants than where the oil is so much more alive. I had been putting oils in my own food for 20 years at home. I would so often find myself turning people onto this smoothie or this dish I made. I loved watching the reaction when I would bring a homemade lemongrass soup to a party or gathering. As soon as one or two people would begin to eat this soup, it never failed that there would be this simultaneous sound of “ahhhhh” and “wow” across the room from those tasting it. It always made me smile so much as I knew it was about to come. So to plan a menu where every single item – from smoothies, to salad dressing, to our main course dishes – everything we serve is lovingly prepared with essential oils, was natural for me. I have yet to hear of or see anywhere else in the world using these most sacred oils in their food. Sure, many hundreds of thousands of Young Living distributors use oils in their food prep at home, but I’ve not yet seen it in a public restaurant or cafe.


Therapeutically speaking, what effect does eating the essential oils have?

The food is so pure when made with oils. And since the oils raise our frequency and vibration – well, our food most certainly is not only incredibly flavorful – but if you watch people in our cafe begin to eat, you can clearly see their frequency being raised. People get happier, more animated and for sure, filled with a lot more energy. The oils also contain a high concentration of oxygen, so this contributes to the uplifting shift. It’s so fun! I watch this happen with every person that comes to eat at Cafe Aroma! Also as you eat our food – there is this layering effect I experience when eating food with oils in it. In each bite, it changes flavors. Like for instance, in this very popular dish we serve called “South Of The Border” – this is an organic, gluten-free, non-GMO tortilla with black beans, melted organic cheese, red, yellow and orange peppers sautéed with sweet onion and an optional egg on top. The oils used are Laurus Nebolis, or bay leaf as it is commonly known, thyme oil and cilantro oil. As you begin to chew a bite, it literally shifts flavors as you chew the food – from one layer to another. It’s really different and special. You’ve got to taste our food to experience what I am trying to convey here!

So what’s on the menu?

We have lemongrass soup – I think it’s our most popular menu item. People just love it. Really divine! “Buddha’s Bliss” is an open-faced vegetarian delight on a thick homemade quinoa cracker made by our chef Blaine. The quinoa is made with dill oil, so there is a hint of it in the cracker, which is topped with our homemade lemon-garlic hummus and avocado, with thin slices of cucumber, micro sprouts, olive oil, sea salt and lemon essential oil drizzled on top. And then our nutmeg or cardamom smoothies are to live for! We have a basil pesto frittata. “Eggplant Delight” with gluten free bread crumbs, homemade pesto, with marinara sauce. We have homemade pizza with our own gluten-free, sourdough crust, that has garlic in it as well, made with an oil called “Taste Of Italy” and basil oil. Our raw pies are out of this world – also prepared with Young Living oils, like coconut cardamom or orange chocolate and several others. Our essential oil-infused pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are very popular, along with peppermint brownies for a dessert favorite. “Jewel’s Fave” is a creamy, comforting combination of soaked and grounded almonds with sliced apples, bananas, maple syrup and cinnamon oil – so, so delicious. What’s really great is that you can taste a variety of dishes by ordering “AromaTapas.” You get to choose 2, 3 or 4 different smaller portions of our dishes. I wanted this because I know how hard it is with a great menu to pick just one thing. So this gives you an open choice! This is just a handful of what we have on our menu. Come on in to find out what else. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is!


This sounds delicious. Is everything organic?

Yes organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and vegetarian. You’re going to love it!

What are the hours of the cafe?

Our winter hours are 11am – 7pm. Closed on Tuesdays. In the spring, summer and fall, we are open 10am – 9pm, 7 days a week. We may start adding more breakfast items and open earlier in the spring and summer too.

Julie, please tell us more about how aromatherapy was one of the original medicines of the planet.

Like I shared, these oils date way way back to ancient times. In the early 1920s, anthropologists discovered essential oils stored in alabaster jars buried in King Tut’s tomb. I actually held one of these original alabaster jars in my hands at the natural history museum in Egypt! When they found these original alabaster jars, they were filled with oils, and the oils were tested and all the molecules were there! The plants provided this wax that covered the inside of the jar, acting as a natural preservative. The Egyptians would bury themselves in these elaborate tombs, they believed they could not go on in the afterlife if they still had evil deities attached to them. In today’s day and age we call this emotional baggage! So the Egyptians would utilize these sacred precious oils for emotional clearing in a ceremonial fashion. We forgot along the way when the pharmaceutical world came to be, like I shared – quicker and easier to just pop a pill. But the side effects of such drugs are many and can be quite dangerous. The beauty of therapeutic-grade essential oils are that when ingested and — YES it is perfectly safe to ingest the Young Living oils as they are grown with the highest integrity. There are no chemical sprays. They are distilled ONLY in stainless steel, with the right amount of time to draw out the medicinal properties and with the right pressure. The only water used to water the trees, flowers and plants at all the many Young Living oils farms around the world is either snow-melted water or well water that is fully tested for its purity. There are absolutely no city pipes into any of the Young Living farms anywhere. Every oil is thoroughly tested by several outside labs and in-house as well. There is no way these oils would be changing the lives of millions of people worldwide if they were not pure. So yes – the oils are safe to ingest and the experience is amazing.


Cafe Aroma also has a Wellness Center.

Yes – my inspiration for this was that I wanted people to have a very sacred space to come in and experience themselves lying in the AromaDome utilizing their own breath to breathe in oils that are specifically chosen for their own individual needs. We give each person a short consultation to find out what they are focused on changing and transforming. We have lots of oils to choose from for people. But I also wanted people to eat essential oil-infused food as well, as it is so nourishing. You really need the full experience! There is nothing like this anywhere. My intention for opening this space in Ashland is that other people who fully get the power of the Young Living oils – whether breathing them in the AromaDome or eating our food – that there will be those people who come forth to inquire about licensing and opening a center where they live. We for sure have had several people travel from afar to meet with me to see my creation and speak to me about the possibilities. So stay tuned for more centers like this opening in hopefully many other locations!

What are some of the services you offer?

-Private Wellness consultations to support people in their healing using the Young Living oils & products
-AromaDome Wellness sessions
-Cafe Aroma’s oil-infused food
-Retail store
-Essential Oil Wellness Classes: our next one is Saturday, Jan. 30th from 1pm-4:30pm. It will be an in-depth course on understanding the many ways to use the Young Living oils & how to easily integrate them into your everyday life.
-AromaYoga classes with Vrinda, Fridays, 9:30am-11am
-Kundalini yoga classes
-We are available for preparing our amazing food for catered events                   


What does a typical session look like?

At AromaDome Wellness center, we offer a wide variety of session choices. They typically take about 45 minutes or so – first starting with a short consultation and drinking water infused with citrus fresh oil to alkalize the body, as the body can only heal in an alkaline environment. The person will lay down at one of our 10 comfortable stations, and the AromaDome, which fits over the top half of the body, is placed over them. The diffuser timer is set for 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off. The person is instructed to breathe deeply whether through the nose or the mouth.                             

When the diffuser is in the off position, we encourage people to continue to breathe deeply as the dome is full with the molecules. There is an average of 3 different oil changes in one session, sometimes a 4th oil is required. The oils work magically when used in layers. So for example, if someone wants to focus on manifesting a certain dream they have, I would choose oils like Magnify Your Purpose™, Highest Potential™, Abundance™, Into The Future™. Or if someone intended to boost their immune system, I would chose oils like Thieves ™, RC™, ImmuPower™ etc… All that needs to happen is for a person to breathe these precious oil molecules deeply into and directed into their brain or different body parts. It does not get more beautiful or simple as to lay in a dome filled with the most amazing smelling oils with such high frequencies and healing properties! The transformations are vast and apparent in only one session. AromaDome has far surpassed what I even thought possible by all the many testimonials pouring in from AromaDome users worldwide.

Do I need to make an appointment?

At this time no, walk ins are welcomed! We have lots of space. But I suspect that as people get to know the vast purposes of the AromaDome sessions, we will be busier and busier. In fact I really feel that if people really understood the value of these sessions, we would have an instantaneous line out the door and around the corner!

What are some applications for coming in for an appointment?

The options are vast – everything from excessive smoke inhalation from fires, to helping people avoid getting colds and flus by supporting the immune system, to emotional releasing of old beliefs and patterns. The oils are phenomenal for clearing old emotional patterns! Remember the Egyptians! AromaDome is also brilliant for supporting any kind of manifestation, your desired relationship to acquiring more financial abundance to better health. It is super powerful for issues of the brain like dementia, memory loss or to help for students studying for tests – and even for becoming more grounded in your life! It’s great for supporting hormonal balance, great for spiritual awakening and too many things to mention! I like to think of AromaDome as the phone booth the person slips into and bursts out like Superman or Superwoman!

Please talk about the amygdala and what happens to people when they experience change.

Yes of course! We all know and experience our amygdala center all the time, maybe not always consciously. It is an almond-shaped center in the limbic part of our brain. It is where all emotions we have ever experienced, from deep trauma all the way to joy, are permanently imprinted. This is what creates our patterns and an ongoing same reaction to something no matter how long or how much we have become aware of it. The amygdala is ONLY stimulated by smell, and this is where our oils work so effectively. You can do “talk therapy” for 20+ years and become a pro at mastering your triggers and patterns. We can come to know how it first occurred and when we get triggered. The example I love to give is – let’s say you and your sister are walking down the street in New York and you pass by a bakery and you smell apple pie baking. Your sister says with great enthusiasm, “wow, what does that smell remind you of?” And you reluctantly say, “grandma’s house.” This is because when you were 16 and your sister was 13, your parents went on a 3-week vacation and you two would stay at grandma’s house. Your sister loved being there. She got to stay up later and help grandma bake the pies. Her experience was very positive. So her association of the smell of apple pie was very positive. But you were 16 years old and had a boyfriend, and resented having to be left at grandma’s house with your younger sister because all that mattered to you was that you got to be with your boyfriend and friends. So your association to the smell of apple pie was anger and resentment. So these emotions got imprinted into the amygdala, and even 20 years later the smell of apple pie triggers whatever was the emotion way back then. Now all the emotional blends of oils we have are absolutely significant and incredibly supportive for releasing these old triggers and imprints. Even one AromaDome session can have a very, very significant change. I have been giving emotional release sessions on each and every client for the last 20 years using the Young Living oils. It worked so well for each and every person. I cannot recommend enough if you have a situation that has plagued you for years and years, then come on in to have and have an emotional release session. You will not be sorry!  Sometimes it can take a series of sessions and sometimes it can happen in just one time. Everyone is different. I do not know of a better way than into the AromaDome for emotional releasing! What one might shed tears that come for old grief but most of the time there is just a feeling of lightness. You may notice yourself having a different reaction to a trigger than you normally had for so many years, that it just does not trigger in the same way anymore.

Tell us about the studio space you have at Cafe Aroma.

Our studio space, which I call the Educational Loft, is for teaching my essential oil classes and is also available for rental. My next class is Saturday, Jan. 30th from 1pm-4:30pm. It’s an in-depth workshop on understanding the many ways to use the Young Living oils & how to easily integrate them into your everyday life. We have an AromaYoga class with Vrinda every Friday morning 9:30am-11am.

This class takes yoga to a whole new level, utilizing the oils internally and externally during the yoga practice. I cannot recommend this class enough if you are an advanced yoga practitioner or a beginner. We also have a kundalini yoga class on Thursdays at 9:30am-10:30am. We feature Jenwah’s hand-painted silks throughout the entire space. They are truly magnificent and resonate with energy and color – just like the oils!

We are planning to bring in new and fun things into our space like salsa dancing and movie nights. Our AromaDome Wellness Room is also available for rental in addition to the Loft. We can provide food for your workshop of you like! We have a projector and a screen and 35 comfortable folding chairs. The loft upstairs will hold more than 35 people, however. We have held kirtans here with a great, big crowd sitting on the floor.

What role do you see essential oils playing in the future?

Well there has been a steady increase in the re-emergence of essential oils for the last several years. The Young Living oils deserve proper understanding because you simply cannot compare them to the kind of oils that are filled with chemicals and fillers. There are less than 1% truly pure therapeutic-grade oils left on our planet. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, spent a lot of time in his studies and research in Egypt where the oils originated from. He tested over 200 oils and could not find one pure oil. They were all reduced to perfume oils. He said he could not even begin to find the compounds when he tested them on his gas chromatography machine. This is sad but true. So now, Young Living focuses on the farms and growing their own trees and plants to distill their own oils in house. Young Living is well known for their “Seed to Seal” process, as it all starts with the precious seeds being planted in their vast greenhouses, then once big enough they get transferred and planted out in the many, many acres of fields all over the world from Ecuador, to Croatia, to British Columbia, to Simiane, France to Mona, Utah and St. Maries, Idaho, to Peru, to Israel, and on and on.

So with more and more pharmaceutical drugs coming on to the market every day, we know they cause plenty of side effects. Essential oils were the original medicine on our planet, so if that is not a testament to their potent power having been used for all of time for medicinal purposes, I don’t know what is. Most essential oils companies pick up a phone and make a call to order oils for their companies. They simply have no experience of agriculture, of planting and growing plants, trees, and flowers, or harvesting, and especially no experience for what it takes to distill essential oils properly. Gary Young is a master and skips no corners. He genuinely cares deeply for humanity and goes to great lengths to grow as many plants as possible to have them in-house. He spent years trekking into the deep jungles of Ecuador and Peru with botanists searching for new medicinal plants where no white man had ever been seen, taking great huge leaps often risking his own life. He shared with us that he would say to the botanists, “you must be exhausted doing all these treks into the jungles with all these essential oil masters.” Their reply to Gary was “What masters? You are the only one we have ever taken to do this. The others just go to the local library there and copy other people’s research on what you are doing Gary.”

If I may convey one thing to the readers, it is that there is no US agency overseeing the making or usage of cosmetics and perfumes – the umbrella essential oils fall under. So this means that any essential oil company can put anything on the label like “pure,” “natural,” “organic” or “certified.” This really can mess with the minds of the unsuspecting public, who believe what they read. There is a known fact that there is more lavender oil coming from France than is grown in France! Meaning that all this excess lavender oil is made with fillers and chemicals. It is a common practice there that they use one drop of lavender oil and then add propylene glycol for a filler. It is inexpensive and has no odor. I ended up throwing all of my 120 oils down the toilet when I found Young Living oils. They were all adulterated and this is why I never saw one effect in all this years! I have seen nothing less than spectacular changes and effects from Young Living oils on each and every person I have ever used them on.

I hear you have some special events coming up for Valentine’s Day…

Yes! I am so excited to bring this to our community. I will be having available these special glass bottles that will have drops of pure rose essential oil in spring water for couples or any individual to buy. It will come with two shot glasses, as it is meant to be slowly sipped and not guzzled. Rose oil has 320 megahertz. It has been known to have the highest frequency of all of the oils. It takes 5000 pounds of rose petals to make 1 ounce of rose oil! That is a LOT of rose petals my friends! It is the biggest heart-opening oil there is and it is real and authentic. The feeling is unlike anything I have ever felt when I drink this. One must experience it to know what I am sharing here. So if a couple drinks this together, they will both at the same time be experiencing this phenomenal heart opening. I have often thought, if there was a way I could get millions and billions of people all at the same time drinking rose water, we would have instantaneous peace on our planet! This I am certain of! Anyhow, we will discount an AromaDome session especially for opening of the heart as a package deal with the rose water. The drop of rose oil is so potent that you will be able to refill the bottle with water at least 8 times and it will still be as profound and potent as the first bottle! This is not just for couples. I really hope people will come and take advantage of this special. It’s going to be spectacular. I also will be having special gift boxes available with Sensation hand and body lotion and shower & bath gel, and a bottle of Sensation essential oil. Intoxicating smell! It’s made with rosewood, ylang-ylang and jasmine oils. And we will have gift boxes for him too with the Shutran shaving cream & Shutran essential oil. This oil is great for male and female libido!  So come on in and give yourselves this fantastic gift! I promise you will not be sorry!

I would love to hear more about the invention and use of the AromaDome®.

I am certainly happy I hung in there and went through with it all. It is not easy at all to bring an invention to the marketplace and then have it be successful. It took me 9 years to get it to Gary Young, whom I know quite well. Just getting the prototype made is a huge endeavor. But I had promised that I would be the steward for AromaDome and that I would protect it with my life, and make certain that it got to the hands of humanity and out of my living room! And now it has. It’s really so exciting and deeply satisfying personally for myself. I have gone from being a hands-on shamanic healer for 34 years to an inventor and a published author! And now the owner of a cafe and wellness center! Quite the change! I wrote my book in two weeks and four days. I had never intended to write a book. But when Young Living called and wanted to do a trial run with selling AromaDomes at the annual convention, and they told me they were expecting 24,000 people to come, I felt compelled to give people wisdom and information on health and wellness and AromaDome wisdom too. My book is titled “AromaDome: Changing Lives One Breath at a Time.” It is sold on my online store and at Essential Wellness too. I was thrilled beyond belief as that was the phone call I had envisioned happening for all 9 years! I had passed up some other major opportunities that would have made me an instant millionaire, but they would not have wanted to promote only Young Living oils. To have any adulterated oil used in the enclosed AromaDome would be seriously damaging to the brain. And I will not cause any harm to anyone so it is really imperative that ONLY Young Living essential oils be used. I can truly stand behind what I am saying here because I spent 9 years in a row going to all the many Young Living harvests. It was not enough for me to hear or watch a video of them talking about the farms and how the oils are being distilled. I wanted to go see with my own eyes. All I can say is that there is no hype at all; Young Living grows as many of their own plants and trees as possible. There are now 12 or so farms worldwide, and some of these farms are in Ecuador, France, Croatia, St Maries, Idaho, Mona, Utah, Highland Flats, Idaho & British Columbia. If Young Living cannot grow certain plants, they will partner with a particular farm, and they will actually go there and build a Young Living distillery and teach the farmer how to prepare the soil, and how to plant and harvest with the Young Living standard.      

We now sell both the AromaDome and diffuser package on my online store and also here at my Essential Wellness Center. For those that want to have an AromaDome to use more often and with their families, we recommend for them to get one so they may use it more frequently. Also, it is a fantastic addition for any healthcare or wellness practitioner because they do not have to change anything they are doing with their work. Giving their clients an AromaDome session will only amplify what they are already doing in their practice.

Julie, you have received some extraordinary feedback from around the world of people using the AromaDome. What has some of the feedback been?

Indeed we have. I will say first off that it has absolutely far surpassed what I knew possible with the AromaDome. For example I would have never thought that an elder woman using Copaiba for severe arthritic pain would take effect by inhaling it in the AromaDome, yet it has and now I have heard many more reports of this. I personally myself was able to eradicate bronchitis and pneumonia for 9 people medically diagnosed in only one 15-minute session. We have seen incredible fast results for asthma, allergies and all respiratory conditions. But the best one of all was the feedback of a man with advanced dementia, so much so that he had stopped being able to speak or to even recognize his own wife or children any longer. One of my students asked if the AromaDome and Young Living oils could help him. I said why not, they work wonders for brain disorders. In only one 15-minute session, he began speaking again and is back to 100% normal, and yes, he still is 6 months later. This has deeply compelled me to create an outreach program here in the Ashland/Medford area for elders in our community dealing with things like dementia and Alzheimer’s. It’s astounding how the Young Living oil molecules are so small they can quickly and easily bypass the blood brain barrier to effect glands like the pineal gland, hypothalamus, pituitary, and others. It seems totally miraculous, but these oils, being so pure and filled with the medicinal compounds, have their unwavering mission and know where to go and what to do. We just need to open the bottle and get in our AromaDomes, or put them on topically, or drink them in our water etc… and breathe. My hope is that one day we will no longer have to use AromaDome for physical problems but rather use it solely to manifest whatever dreams and visions we choose.

Before today, I had never heard of Cafe Aroma. What has some of the feedback been from customers coming to eat at the cafe?

The oils contain the highest known frequencies known to man of any natural substance. So eating food which is prepared and infused with the Young Living oils will literally raise the person’s vibration. You can sit and watch people begin to eat, and at first they just are in “ahhh” of the immense flavor of the food, but you can literally watch them become more alive, happier and definitely more uplifted. I really suspect that as people realize what a goldmine they have in their own backyard of Ashland, we will begin to see a line out the door! My hope is that with your many readers of the LocalsGuide, they will come to know and choose to experience our amazing one-of-a-kind cafe and wellness center.  

Hope to see many of you there. We will not disappoint!

Thanks for doing this interview with us today, and for sharing your business and vision with our community.

I love that we have all of this to offer to our amazing community. I know this is a unique one-of-a-kind place and experience, but this makes it that much more special! Thanks readers! Please come for a personal experience of our Cafe Aroma and to experience AromaDome.

Learn More:
Essential Wellness
296 E. Main St.
Ashland, OR. 97520
Check out their website here

Winter Hours: 11AM-7PM, Closed Tuesdays
Regular Hours: 10AM-9PM, Open 7 Days

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