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Gosh! Do we miss seeing your faces!!! I miss seeing your teeth, your smiles and your mostly expressions. In college, one of my majors was Communication, so I have known for quite a while that non-verbal communication is key in understanding the underlying message of the verbal word. But, since this pandemic hit and masks are now the latest accessories, I have countless experiences where I know my college professors underplayed the non-verbal impact on how we interact with others.

I can’t recall how many times I have smiled behind my mask at a stranger. All in an effort to cheer up their day or make a personal connection but oftentimes people look away or at the ground. We are definitely in strange times and for the most part EVERYONE in the world is feeling it. I no longer want to be one of the people that complains about the changes we are continuing to see day after day. We could go round and round with one another about the different theories, suggestions of how we should respond to the virus or our political beliefs. I truly believe this approach has us each leaving the table feeling a little bit more lonely than when first we sat down.

What I am going to do is … shift my mindset into finding an excuse. I will find an excuse to meet someone for coffee so I can support the local coffee shops. I will find an excuse to buy that cute water jug even though I already have too many so the sweet boutique feels a little bit of extra love. I can wave as I pass people, instead of my usual smile. I can talk to my children about the love the world needs to feel right now. With all the hate and discord running through mainstream media, I can choose to bring a bit of light into each day. I can make a difference and so can you.

I hope you can find an excuse to hold a loved one a little bit longer and more tightly; to have grace with the family member that seems a bit stressed and frazzled. At the beginning of this pandemic it felt so cohesive, almost like a fight for humanity. Don’t let the media take that away from us. This is a virus that is threatening us all including our economy and the dreams we have worked so hard for over the years. Find the stories about the companies giving during this time. Find the stories of the kids cutting the 80 year old’s grass. Find an excuse to become a positive story. Be the love. I know when I am… I feel better.

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DeAnna Sickler & Dyan Lane

DeAnna and Dyan represent a wide variety of properties and understand the intricacies involved with selling them. They have great working relationships with their fellow Realtors and will negotiate fairly on your behalf. They consider themselves savvy negotiators and will put their experience to work for you. They will thoroughly review all offers with you and offer their advice on how to proceed. You can rest assured they will always be honest with you, providing candor and diplomacy at all times. They really enjoy what they do and love the process of getting homes sold for their clients.

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