Finding Balance in our Bodies

People who come to see me to resolve chronic pain or rehab an injury are sometimes surprised by some of the assessments I do to understand the root of their problem. If you come to see me about your knee injury, we’re very likely going to begin by determining if your hamstrings are firing at the right time. If your goal is to resolve chronic hip or glute pain, there’s a very good chance I’ll spend some time evaluating the stability of your pelvis and the efficiency of your breathing.

One quick assessment I like to do with clients is to have them take a natural stance with their left foot placed behind the right, as though preparing to take a small step forward. I then ask them to describe what they feel. I’ll ask questions such as, “Do you feel stable in this position,” “Can you feel your hamstrings working,” and “Can you engage your inner thigh muscles in this stance?” We then reverse the stance and I ask the client to place their right foot behind the left in the same manner. “Does this pose feel any different?” “What’s the same?” “Is it any more or less stable?” Sometimes just taking notice is enough to give me the information I need to customize a treatment plan.

This simple assessment tells me so much about what’s happening in the postural alignment of my clients. It also points me in the right direction to teach them about where misalignments originate and how they can work to resolve them. Common misalignments in the hips, pelvis, and femurs can be the reason we can no longer do tree pose on the left side, but have no problem on the right. It could also explain why our balance is suddenly out of whack. 

The body is amazingly resourceful. As misalignments develop, our bodies adapt by overcompensating to maintain a foundation of support despite the asymmetry. When my clients learn to align balanced movement with proper breathing they get lasting results. If you’re ready to build core strength, eliminate chronic pain, and move with freedom, I’m here to get you back to the activities you love. We’ll identify the source of your postural misalignment so we can create a customized plan for strength and recovery.

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