Flower Power!

Over the years, we have collected some modalities that have been found to complement Microcurrent Neurofeedback. We all have psycho-spiritual-emotional issues that can block us from happiness, fulfilling relationships, health, productivity, success and creativity. One of the most deeply effective tools that our clients LOVE are FloraliveTM Flower Essences. They are not essential oils, they are sipped in water. We call them “the mop-up crew.” They are also a good stand-alone therapy.

In order to determine which essence or combination of essences to use, we use many self-referential statements. For example, “I lose my power when others do not listen to me,” or “No matter what action I take, I am destined to fail,” or “My self-esteem is strong and balanced.” Depending on whether the answer is YES or NO for you, we can locate the best remedy(s). 

A remedy usually lasts 4-5 weeks and costs anywhere from $25-$50. You simply sip it in water throughout the day. With consistent use, many people start to notice that old patterns resolve and things that were very stuck start to move. Here is a testimonial from 4-19-22:

“I launched my project Easter Sunday with family and friends! I have been taking the essences every day. At the beginning, I thought, “Is this just in my head or is it really working?” I sold 3 ½ vehicles, prepared for the launch and felt amazing! The presentation was interesting and my audience was very impressed with my work. My eyes are brighter! My energy is sustainable throughout the day. And my facial skin looks so healthy! My family and co-workers are impressed that I am selling cars, producing music, writing a book and launching my podcast series. Thank you so much!” 

G. Smith, San Francisco, CA

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