We are rolling into summer! It’s hard to believe that spring is almost over, considering how cool it was compared to years past. We still have a very good selection of both annuals and perennials to choose from right now. Pretty soon you can catch us planting even more for the upcoming summer and fall months. The planting truly never ends around here, we keep transitioning through the seasons. 

Going into the summer months, some of our most frequently-asked questions revolve around plants that can handle heat and are drought-tolerant. Our top two are Salvia and Rudbeckia (Black-eyed Susans). Followed closely by Gaillardia and Perovskia (Russian Sage). Salvia is a fan favorite around the valley. Hummingbirds and bees LOVE salvia, they seem to favor the red varieties slightly more. Rudbeckia comes in quite a few different colors, and the deer will turn their nose at the rough texture of the leaves. Gaillardia’s blooms are gorgeous, and the bees adore them. Perovskia is also a huge hit with the bees!

June is the month that we start planting our chrysanthemums. We like to stagger our plantings of mums so that we have a great variety by the time they are ready to pick out. Some people like to plant them before they begin to bloom, and others prefer seeing the blooms before committing to a particular plant. They won’t be ready for some time, though. It’s always fun to walk through and see what we are working on though! We will also have a fresh batch of baskets around mid-June for you to shop from. They will be perfect for sprucing up a deck, getting ready for guests, or having an event in your backyard – we know a lot of you end up hosting weddings in your beautiful yards! 

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