FREE Health Care Reform Consultations

FREE Health Care Reform Consultations

At last summer is here. Ashland is blooming and booming. It has been a lot of fun, connecting so many Ashlanders with Aflac, and spreading the word about the upcoming changes to our health insurance system. As the deadlines grow closer, people are beginning to feel the need to find out more about their options and obligations. So, I am offering free consultations to all Ashland businesses and individuals for the month of July. I guarantee you will learn your options, and I have some great resources to share.

Find out how Aflac can help you get the coverage you need, and join the growing number of locals who are choosing Aflac to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their employees!

Why Aflac?

Aflac is not health insurance. Aflac protects you, whether you have great insurance, no insurance, or anything in between. When you are injured or sick, we do not pay your doctor. We pay YOU. Most policyholders use the cash we send to continue to meet their living expenses and financial obligations while they get better. Our policies are available for individuals and businesses. They are affordable. There is typically no medical exam required. We will never cancel you, as long as you pay the premium. There are no lifetime limits.  And we pay regardless of other insurance- even Medicare or other government programs.

Why Me?

I am proud to be Ashland’s LOCAL Aflac agent. When you do business with me, you are building the local economy. My earnings go right back to local businesses, and I support local causes. Because I have lived and worked in Ashland since 1984, I am accountable, accessible, and genuinely engaged with my customers. And when I step into your business or home, know that I am coming with a genuine desire to discover if I can be of service to you.

Important Facts About Health Care Exchanges- Part 3

Please do yourself a favor and go to Everything that is currently known about the evolving exchange can be easily accessed there. There are calculators, flow charts, and other hands on tools to help you assess your situation and compare your options.

Questions? Post them to:

Happy 4th of July! See you around town! –Sue Carney

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