Greetings, Ashlanders-

So happy to announce the grand opening of my new insurance agency- Carney Insurance!

We are an independent agency, working with over 50 different insurance companies, so you will never be shoehorned into a plan or policy that is not exactly right for you!

We are a local agency, seeking to keep it personal, and dedicated to serving this wonderful community; with it’s unique outlook and needs. Buying Local and Hiring Local are top priorities, and as we grow, we will seek to provide as many opportunities as possible to local people, businesses, and to actively support cultural and educational events.

I have worked and lived in this community for over 30 years, and feel proud and excited as I reflect on my past and future here. This business was born out of my desire to serve the community I love by providing honest, useful, and compassionate advice to clients who are seeking to navigate their way to a better future, whether they are preparing to retire, raising a family, starting a business, or seeking to protect their hard earned assets during this time of rapid financial transformation and volatility.

We specialize in Life & Health Insurance, Medicare & Medicare Supplements, Long Term Care Solutions, and Safe Money Strategies.

Call now, for a free consultation appointment: 541.864.9439

Or book your own appointment online:

While you are there, check out my customer reviews!

Bring your questions, and your dreams. Let’s work together for a brighter tomorrow.

-Sue Carney

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