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In today’s interview I spoke with Shannon LaFleur of Handyman Pro, a local handyman and contracting company offering a full range of remodeling and renovation services, including the construction of decks, fences, and many other projects. Together we explore these services. In addition, Shannon talks about his commitment to going above and beyond for all of us here in Southern Oregon.

Hi Shannon, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me today. To begin with, would you please introduce us to your company?

Hi Shields, I’m grateful for this time with you as well! Our name says it all! We’re equipped to handle an extensive variety of projects with our professionally diverse staff. We’ve been serving Ashland and the surrounding area for years, and look forward to serving the community for many more…

Shannon, you are joined by an outstanding group of professionals! Will you please speak to this and the quality of excellence your clients can expect to receive when working with Handyman Pro?

Of course! I feel so fortunate to be working with such a great team! Our staff is extremely caring and considerate, and also very talented! In order to complete several projects simultaneously and efficiently, we’ve also partnered with local trusted specialty subcontractors, plumbers and electricians. We only work with companies that care about client satisfaction as much as we do.

Shannon, Handyman Pro even has its own offices here in Ashland. This is not a small operation you are running.

We have two shops in the Ashland Business Park on Hersey Street. Handyman Pro is our wood shop and Weld Pro is our metal shop right next door! We’re set up for most project sizes. Our in-house staff combined with our partnerships allow us to take on major remodeling projects and tackle smaller projects as well. We also serve several small businesses in Ashland and many larger businesses in the valley.

Shannon, when we spoke on the phone you wanted to make sure that our readers walked away knowing that you also remodel entire homes. Please tell us more.

Yes, that’s one of our favorite projects! The process of transforming a large space is filled with many different tasks, performed by staff with many different personalities. A complete remodel is an interactive experience, a collaboration between a team of professionals and the client. It can be fun, fulfilling and rewarding for everyone involved! The changes we’ve made to many homes and businesses in Ashland are incredible transformations that have improved our client’s quality of life. We’re very proud to be a part of that!

That sounds excellent. Please talk more about being local and your commitment to Southern Oregon.

This is our home! My family came down from Alaska many years ago and traveled around the country for a while before deciding that Rogue Valley is the place for us. Now we’re here and we’re not going anywhere!

Shannon, can you give us an overview of the services you are providing?

You wouldn’t believe some of the calls we get! We provide general contracting services for coordinating large projects. We build a lot of decks and fences of all sorts of styles and sizes. We perform smaller handyman tasks. We have craftsmen, framers, finish carpenters, painters, drywall installers, flooring installers, tile-setters, carpet installers, cabinet-makers, plumbers, electricians, and laborers available to serve the community.

For today’s interview I asked for you to share a few of your customer success testimonials. Will you please share some of those with us now?

“They did an excellent job on a 1000-square-foot deck. Multi level with clear view rails. Would highly recommend for any size deck.” -Glen I.

“Shannon and the team at Handyman Pro are professional, congenial, and have been an absolute joy to work with. They genuinely care about the finished product and take pride in the work they do. Also very honest and communicative throughout the entire process, start to finish. I will certainly be using them again for all of my home maintenance needs in the future. Thanks again!” -Michael K.

“I highly recommend Handyman Pro. Painted 4 areas in my home, included a remodeled kitchen. The kitchen required a lot of work. Excellent communication, professional and skilled. All in all, a very positive experience.” -Shannon S.

“Handyman Pro is top-notch. From initial contact to job completion, we felt as if we were in good hands. The entire staff was customer-focused, excellent communicators, and very responsive. Highly recommended, and we would definitely use Handyma

Pro again.” -Dick A.

“In a time where all handymen are booking 3-4 months out, Shannon was the only one nice enough to squeeze us into his busy schedule. Was prompt, worked quick & effective. Highly recommend his services.” -Andy K

What is the best way to contact your company and start a job?

Call us anytime at 541-209-3949 to set up a complimentary consultation or visit our website at and fill out the contact form at the bottom of the home page to be placed directly into our queue!

Finally, both Shannon and I would like to invite everyone to an online meet-and-greet with Handyman Pro, in which I will continue this interview with Shannon and his team in a live video broadcast. You can also ask questions, share success stories, and just help to rally behind this great business here in Southern Oregon.

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