Skilled Labor Shortage

Hello! My name is Shannon LaFleur. I own Handyman Pro, Rogue Valley’s premiere home improvement service, right here in our beautiful town of Ashland.


In my last article I spoke about how we specialize in carpentry projects such as decks, porches, patios, pergolas, gazebos, sheds, awnings, carport, garages, doghouses, catios, and much more. This time around I’ll be sharing some things about the recent shortage of skilled workers and how it’s affecting our community. Here are some statistics you might find interesting:

 • Right now, for every single person that enters the skilled trades, 5 leave.

 • Over one-third of skilled laborers have recently left the workforce.

 • 56% of the skilled workforce left are rapidly retiring baby-boomers.

 • 68% of construction companies nationwide are now struggling to find workers.


As the older generation continues to retire, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find skilled laborers. In order to keep up with the demands from our community, we’re working very hard to add more honest and skilled individuals to our crew.


At the moment we’re working on a few large remodels, building several decks, and squeezing in many smaller tasks. If you have a project in mind for the summer, be sure to book an appointment early!


Thank you for your patience as we continue to provide quality work and reliable services to Ashland and beyond!


-Handyman Pro

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