Happy Hormones: From PMS to Menopause

When I close my eyes to contemplate what I want to share about the world of female hormones, an ancient image arises, of the maiden, the mother, and the crone/wise woman. What I feel is awe. I am in awe at the journey of the female body and the incredible hormonal dance.

Hormones not only stimulate the growth of breasts and the maturation of female genitals but also prepare the uterus for its holy work of receiving and supporting the growth of an embryo. Hormones stimulate the ovarian follicles to mature into eggs that are ready to be fertilized. And when they are not fertilized, the drop in hormones stimulates the uterine lining to slough and menstruate.

Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, monthly hormonal fluctuations often reflect a seemingly-cosmic attunement of the female body to the cycles of the moon, the waters of the ocean, and each other.  If you’ve experienced either your own or another woman’s cycle-shifting as it comes into synchronicity, you may have felt amazing twin powers (magic of the highest order).

On another side of the hormonal dance, things do not always go smoothly. This may lead to various symptoms such as menstrual cramps or irregular cycles; challenges with fertility or mood swings; breast tenderness; and bloating. With the start of perimenopause and menopause, other symptoms evolve. These may be insomnia; hot flashes; weight gain; thinning hair and skin; vaginal dryness; painful intercourse; urinary incontinence; or cognitive issues, as a partial list.

Here’s the good news. There are many allies and modalities to help us fall back in love with our female bodies.  Some of these are plant allies; homeopathy; movement practices; aromatherapy; acupuncture; and energy medicine.  Sometimes the right help is a physiological dose of bioidentical hormones.

To learn more, you are invited to join us for the Healthy Hormone talk at the Ashland Food Co-op on Monday, March 2nd, 6-8 PM.  We will bring together the mythic, spiritual-emotional and physiological realms while exploring how to love our bodies and regain and sustain balance. I hope to see you there.

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