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More Than Just Breathing: The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

I only feel comfortable speaking about the effectiveness of a treatment after I have used it hundreds of times. After using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or HBOT, in our clinic for four years and observing how patients respond, I can say that few therapies have such far-reaching and fundamental positive effects. Without fail, almost every one of our clinic patients who has used HBOT has experienced a dramatic positive effect. From children to the elderly, it is amazing to watch the results of the body’s receiving pure, pressurized oxygen in our comfortable hyperbaric chamber.

It makes sense to most people that our bodies need oxygen; however, it is critical for wound healing, energy production, and hormone production. Without oxygen, the body’s cells cannot detoxify or take in the nutrients they need to operate. Most people do not receive proper oxygenation to their tissues and HBOT solves that problem.

HBOT is a critical tool in treating cancer, aging, and both post-surgery and sports-injury recovery as well as infection treatment and neurological care. Critically, anyone with a head injury absolutely needs to have HBOT. Even old injuries can favorably respond to treatment. Furthermore, HBOT reverses neurological damage from multiple causes and can super-charge people who need a recovery-boost from debilitating disease-processes. Some of our best results have been with protection from radiation damage from breast cancer treatment and also in the treatment of autism.

Although people who are severely claustrophobic or have inner-ear issues cannot use the HBOT chamber, it is generally safe for all other candidates. The chamber is quite large when inflated and very comfortable. If so desired, patients can bring in books, iPads or cell phones for watching movies or listening to music. Most often, patients use the space to meditate or fall asleep during the sixty minutes they are enclosed in the reclining chamber.

If you would like to book an HBOT session at Ashland Natural Medicine, the process is simple. We require a twenty-five-minute initial consult with one of our doctors to make sure HBOT is a safe and appropriate therapy for the potential client, such as you. Once a new patient’s treatment has been doctor-approved, the person is free to schedule sixty-minute sessions in our HBOT chamber.

Because we stand so firmly behind the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Ashland Natural Medicine is currently offering deeply discounted packages for multiple sessions. (At present, we have the best deals in Southern Oregon.) Buy ten sixty-minute sessions for $550 ($400 savings) or twenty sixty-minute sessions for $950 ($950 savings). For more info on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, prospective clients can visit our website at or may call 541-414-7230 to book an intake doctor’s consult and first HBOT session.

Good luck and good health!



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