Have Energy for Your Life!

I’ve been in the healthcare field since 1997 and for the majority of those years my primary assessment tools were live blood microscopy, functional blood chemistry analysis and hair tissue/mineral analysis. I have used nutrition, detoxification and lifestyle modification protocols to help people recover from chronic illness.

In 2016, I experienced a health crisis during which I turned to functional medicine to diagnose and treat my illness. After 2 years of endless trial and error, I discovered the field of Energy Medicine. Thankfully, with the use of subtle energy formulas, I was able to restore my immune and nervous systems. I also introduced a daily Qigong practice as well as other Energy Medicine modalities. Toward the end of my healing journey, I realized I wanted to find an easy and affordable way to help people access the power of Energy Medicine.

In the Spring of 2022, I came across an interview with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, the inventor of the Energy Enhancement System (EES). This led me into a deep investigation of the efficacy of this healing technology. After directly experiencing EES myself and seeing remarkable results in my mother and some of my clients, my partner and I decided to bring EES to Southern Oregon in June of 2023.

When you enter our Healing Room at the Oregon Energy Healing Center (OEHC) you will see computers and monitors positioned on 4 towers. These towers are precisely calibrated to within 1/100 of an inch to generate a scalar energy field. Scalar waves collide in the center of the room creating an energy vortex full of life force otherwise known as a “photon fountain.” The computers are also producing healing frequencies which amplify the regenerative properties of the scalar field.

The Energy Enhancement System supports your own natural capacity to heal. By supporting the balance of your autonomic nervous system and raising the voltage of your cells to their optimum healthy levels, people experience improvements in many areas of health.

Our members at OEHC are reporting health benefits such as: normalization of blood pressure, improved sleep, improved moods, increased and more balanced energy, improved eyesight and reduction of both chronic and acute pain. With the support of their doctor, many members have also reduced or eliminated medications they have been taking for years. We are also seeing partial or complete reversal/remission of chronic kidney disease, atherosclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and depression.

In combination with proper nutrition, exercise, appropriate supplementation and other supportive healing modalities, EES sessions can dramatically increase your chances of achieving optimum health.

Note: The Energy Enhancement System has not been approved by the FDA nor is it designed to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition.

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