Oregon Energy Healing Center

In today’s world we are overwhelmed with harmful electromagnetic frequencies as well as toxins in our food, air and water. Additionally, fears and uncertainties about the future of our planet can undermine our ability to be truly well. For many of us, being able to function optimally is a constant and never-ending challenge.

While conventional medicine has its benefits, many of us are also aware of the limitations and potential downsides of allopathic medicine. This is where the emerging field of energy medicine becomes a significant factor in our ability to get and stay well.

The partners at The Oregon Energy Healing Center are proud to offer our community a powerful healing technology called the Energy Enhancement System. The Energy Enhancement System (EES) works with a combination of light therapy, beneficial frequencies and scalar wave technology. These elements create an “energy vortex” in our Healing Room where our members relax in comfortable reclining chairs while soaking up these gentle but powerful healing frequencies.

The Energy Enhancement System is a state-of-the-art technology that works on the principle that the power that made the body heals the body. This non-invasive technology, generated through computer screens, invites our mind, body and spirit to relax and regenerate. When we sit in this potent, high vibrational energy field our cells are encouraged to resonate at maximum cellular frequency where physical, mental and emotional “disease” can’t exist. It’s like giving your mind, body and spirit an energetic super-charge akin to re-charging your cellular battery.

Here are just some of the benefits our members are experiencing:

Improved eyesight, pain reduction, enhanced mood, normalized sleep cycles, reversal of degenerative conditions, improved cognitive function, better sleep cycles, normalized blood pressure and an overall improved outlook on life.

The Oregon Energy Healing Center is proud to be part of an expanding network of more than 370 Centers worldwide all offering this same cutting edge healing technology.

We would be delighted to see you in our Healing Room for a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating 2-hour EES session. Please contact our Healing Center at 541-897-0496 for more information or visit our website to book your session at

Note: The Oregon Energy Healing Center makes no medical claims nor has EES been approved by the FDA.

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