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Healthy Start: Your Baby and Chiropractic

Labor and delivery are a marathon for mom and baby. It is truly hard work with many factors playing into how the process ultimately occurs. I believe every baby would benefit from assessment by a chiropractor for optimal nervous system function, especially with all the growth and development that happens during their first year.

Labor and delivery factors that would lead to wanting to have your baby checked by a chiropractor:

Long labor

Very short labor

Vacuum or forceps delivery



Pain meds

Restricted birthing positions

Pulling or twisting of the head during delivery

Signs that your baby may benefit from seeing a chiropractor:

Head is always tilted or turned one way or the other

Trouble latching


Spitting up a lot

Always seems uncomfortable

Trouble sleeping

Pain with or long duration between bowel movements

Poor muscle tone

An appointment for your baby with the chiropractor is very gentle. An assessment is done to determine joint restrictions, muscle imbalances, areas of tension, etc. This can be done with baby laying on the table, laying on a parent, or even while nursing. The treatment is very gentle as well, with the pressure that you use to test the ripeness of a tomato being used to treat a baby. Often you can see the baby unwind and become more comfortable right before your eyes! Choose a chiropractor that has extra training in pediatrics, one that can assess visceral tension/restriction and correct cranial/sacral imbalances too.

It is never too early to start the process of nervous system balancing. A baby can be treated right after birth! The earlier and more quickly imbalances are found and treated the better. Let’s give all our babies the benefit of a balanced nervous system to help them truly thrive.

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