Introducing Dr. Mark Force DC.

Practicing the healing art is incredibly rewarding. It’s beautiful to be present with a patient in the process of healing physically and emotionally. The experience is at some level magical and mystical, yet to be the catalyst I’m committed to being I have an obligation to be grounded in the sciences and meticulous about bringing to bear all of my clinical skills and experience. That “magic” of seeing a patient heal doesn’t come about casually or cheaply – it takes commitment, study, practice, and focus.

I was sick as a teenager with post-viral chronic fatigue, syndrome, ulcerative colitis and a lengthy list of other ills. At 14 I sat across from a gastroenterologist who said he would give me steroids and if that didn’t help he’d be taking out part of my colon. I was stunned silent. On the way home I had my mom drop me off at the library. I started studying for answers and never stopped. Once I’d learned enough and used it, I healed. What healed me came from chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, clinical nutrition and self-care in the forms of yoga, chi gong, meditation, biofeedback, breathing techniques, strength training, aerobic conditioning, therapeutic diets, juicing, and fasting.

These methods rebuilt my health, and I’ve seen them do the same with thousands of patients in the last 33 years of practice.

The process of restoring functions to body systems has a foundation in the peer-reviewed scientific literature and produces consistent results based on conventional medicine measures – physical, neurological and orthopedic exams and laboratory findings.

This natural approach to healing does not solve every illness or condition. There are times when conventional medicine is clearly the best approach for a patients’ particular health problem.

Whenever a patient is before me, I have a responsibility to ask, “Who can best serve this person here and now?”

Often people with chronic and complex conditions, however, get dropped through the cracks – still suffering, without relief from the many therapies and medications they’ve tried, and without having ever been truly diagnosed.

I know these things; it is why I do this work.

My illness made me passionate to understand how people heal and it is incredibly beautiful and gratifying work.

A couple of years ago, I sold my practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, and my wife and I moved to Ashland. It is everything that we hoped it would be for us. My intention was to research, write and teach – right now I am a teacher sharing with doctors of all types around the country the various aspects of this work I do. Recently, I completed editing a reference book in this area of expertise, and I consult in developing nutritional formulations and protocols.

But, I miss the healing art too much and have decided to be that catalyst again and practice in Ashland – to experience the magic of being in the presence of people healing. And, I’m excited to be of service.

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