What are we doing at the first visit?!

Last month I talked about laying a foundation to improve the likelihood for successful dental care, and we received some very positive feedback! This month, I thought it might be nice to explain what an establishing visit in many offices includes. My philosophy towards dentistry remains conservative in regard to treatment while drawing from a phrase Maya Angelou (via Oprah) planted firmly in my head, “when you know better, you do better.” The methods used in our initial visits allow us to better know someone completely new to us, which in turn allows us to provide better care for that person. Now the thought goes through the prospective patient’s head, “Wait, did the doctor just say he wants to get to know me?” We do!

When we complete a comprehensive exam with a new patient, we reserve time enough to begin to know who the individual is meeting with us in a totally-new-to-them environment. Beyond the typical events of the exam, we want to learn about you. Where you are from or where you are going in life? What do you like or dislike about your smile and dentistry? Do you have habits which could impact your dental health positively or negatively? The last thing I want is one sided dialogue and we enjoy when patients ask us questions and get to know us. Our practice is still very young, and every patient is helping with us to build a unique and enjoyable dental office.

How do we achieve success beyond laying a good foundation? Attention to detail, knowing the patient and their expectations (as well as my own), and providing care at a level I can be proud of help us to better perform dentistry. I think this is especially important in a time where practices are more “corporatized” to an extent where dentistry begins to feel like a commodity to be consumed for the lowest cost or overly abundant convenience. We strive to keep our accessibility consistent with our family life-balance and our fees fair and reasonable in order to provide the highest level of care possible.  Like our approach? Check us out online at or, better still, give us a call at 541-708-6288 to talk with Erin or Tishena and set up a visit in our comfortable office locate on the north side of Ashland.

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Dr. Brandon White

From the moment you walk in the door of White Dental Studio, we want you to feel comfortable.  That’s our #1 goal.  We understand how past dental experiences can affect the way you feel each and every time you visit the dentist.  Dr. White has hand-picked his staff to be courteous, patient, and understanding. When you visit us, you’re like family.  We offer exceptional, gentle dental care.

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