Raw Food

I would like to talk about raw food. It’s a contraversal and a fairly unknow topic. My goal here is only to educate and support whatever your choice is.

I would like to quote an interview article from Dog’s Naturally with Richard Patton PhD who has spend over 40 years as an animal nutritionist, working in 25 countries and formulating diets for nearly every kind of animal. Dr. Patton has consulted for agriculture enterprises, zoos, foreign governments, fortune 500 companies, local and regional feed mills and pet food companies. An adjunct professor at Penn State for 15 years, he has 25 scientific publications, two patents, one book (on pet nutrition) and numerous popular press articles.

“The thought of feeding raw food tends to divide us into two camps. Either it strikes you as a proper fit with how evolution crafted animals or it conjures up images of marauding, uncouth tribes.

A close consideration of the practice reveals many facts neglected by cursory judgement . And regardless of your point of view, raw is the fastest growing sector of the pet food market. If you were to feed a raw diet to your pet, the first change observed would be improved stools. This is due to its superior digestibility. Another delightful part of feeding raw is pets like it.

The vast majority of pet food is cooked, with extrusion. This extrusion produces a kibble and depends on a food containing 25 to 45 percent starch, which upon heating in the presence of water undergoes dextrinization. Dextrinized starch is what makes kibble hard & crunchy.  After eating, blood sugar spikes, insulin pours fourth, blood sugar plunges. It is supporting the wrong gut bacteria.  One sign of this: often a persistent or barely managed dermatitis is cured simply by switching to a raw diet. Excess starch erodes pet health in other subtle ways.

Admittedly, extreme heat destroyed harmful bacteria, a worthy ambition in the days before the days of refrigeration, but today it is possible to assemble ingredients with a very low risk of pathogenic bacterial contamination. Natural enzymes & numerous beneficial bacteria are found in raw pet foods.

There need be no argument here; kibble dog food is more economical & convenient on a daily basis. To the extent that budget permits, include raw food in your pet’s diet. Your pet’s vitality with be longer, medical bills lower (gum health improved) and both you and your pet will be happier. “

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