Now remember… your job is to protect your pet from harm. That’s number one. And when it comes to vaccine decisions, there are two main dangers for your pet:

1. Getting the disease the vaccine prevents

2. Getting the disease the vaccine causes

If you choose to vaccinate, your pet will be protected from infectious disease (in most cases). And that’s good!

But vaccines contain metals and toxins that stress your pet’s immune system. So the vaccinated pet is more at risk for the immune-related diseases like arthritis, allergies, organ disease and cancer. 

If you choose not to vaccinate, your pet is more at risk for infectious disease. Your puppy may get parvo. Your adult dog may get rabies. But they are less likely to develop arthritis, allergies, organ disease and cancer. 

So here’s why vaccine decisions need to be made with care…


The funny thing about life is that it can’t happen without death. Life is a risky proposition for all of us.

And when you make vaccine decisions for your pet, you have to weigh both life and death. It doesn’t matter whether you vaccinate or not, there will be risk for your pet. You cannot eliminate risk. 

When it comes to vaccines, your job is to choose the risk you feel you can live with… infectious disease or immune disease.

That’s why vaccine choice isn’t as easy as Pro or Anti. We’re all risk-averse and we all want to protect our pets. 

But we go about it differently because we all have our own fears, hang-ups and experiences. 

So let’s be tolerant of people who may make a vaccine choice that’s different than yours. 

And here’s a parting thought…

Your vet should not be the one to choose for you. He collects his money whether your pet reacts to the vaccine or not. They are not the one who has to live with the consequences of that decision… that’s all on you and your pet. 

Nobody should make that choice but you. But before you make that choice, I implore you to do your research first. Because your vet probably isn’t. 

Don’t ever let somebody else make a decision that is critical to the health and happiness of you and your pets.

Stay safe. Be well. Love dogs.

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