5 Ways to Detox Your Dog Part 2


Another important detox organ is the kidneys. Kidneys have the important job of filtering out waste and excess fluid from your dog’s body.


If they can’t keep up? They fail. And that can be life-threatening. These herbs can help keep your dog’s kidneys working smoothly…


Parsley has gentle diuretic properties that can help keep your dog’s kidneys operating smoothly. As an added bonus it can also prevent urinary tract infections and may ease arthritis pain. 


Dandelion leaves are also a natural diuretic that will keep kidneys flowing. If you don’t spray your yard with chemicals you probably have a supply outside your back door. But make sure they are properly prepared before you give them to your dog. 


Making sure your dog has lots of fresh water is crucial. Give your dog fresh spring or filtered water. Never use unfiltered tap water. And make sure to clean and freshen up your dog’s bowl daily so the slime doesn’t build up. 


A strong gut is also important for your dog’s detox process. Why? Because one of the main ways toxins leave your dog is through his poop.


That means your dog’s gut is part of the process. It doesn’t just digest food and that’s it. It also produces hormones and bile required for digestion. And, it absorbs nutrients from food and is essential to your dog’s ability to fight disease… because your dog’s immune system starts with a healthy gut.


Your dog’s gut is lined with trillions of bacteria that make up his microbiome. And the microbiome helps metabolize toxins from unhealthy gut bacteria. 


This means that giving pre- and probiotics is important to keep his gut working smoothly, and to keep toxins on their way out. To choose a good probiotic look for types like Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Bacillus and the “good” yeast Saccharomyces boulardii. 


People forget about the skin. But your dog’s skin is the biggest organ of elimination. Give your dog a regular, deep brushing with a natural bristle brush to get the old dead skin cells and hair out of the way. 


Let your dog swim in spring or fresh water if you can. And give the occasional cleansing bath, but no more than a few times a year. Too much bathing can strip your dog’s skin of important oils.


Every day your dog faces toxins. But these five simple tips can help keep your dog free of toxin build-up. 

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