Jaguar XJ6

Let’s talk about cats for a moment. I have two living in my house which may be two too many. The oldest cat, Sadie, kinda reminds me of a bulldog. You know short legs, stocky, and a cropped tail. She has mellowed over the years but touch her funny short tail and she’ll remind how sharp her teeth really are! The other cat showed up on our doorstep around Halloween last year. For lack of creativity on our family’s part we have graced her with the name ‘Newkitty’. We should have named her Pumpkin, or Boo, or better yet ‘Get lost’! My sister’s cat, Riku, who lives right behind us, is big and will punch you right in the eye given the opportunity. It’s hard to believe that these feline free loafers in my home are decedents of the very cunning, fierce, and gracious ‘big’ cat known as the Jaguar.

Just the name Jaguar in the automotive industry will send shivers up and down your whiskers, uh, spine. I don’t think there is a brand of automobile out there that produces so much luxurious desire that is associated with so much pain. It’s sort of like hips and chocolate or caffeine and your doctor visit. Lets face it, British cars are notorious for their ‘unreliability’ and the Jag is not the exception but more the rule. The curse of this lack of dependability lies in the car’s electronic system, which in the earlier cars, was designed by Lucas. I think Lucas would have had better luck asking Benjamin Franklin how to design an automotive electrical system then what they came up with. The funny thing is Ford, feeling fat selling a billion trucks in the early 90’s bought Jaguar and had no better luck with reliability (or sales for that matter). I know, I seen them in my shop!

This Jaguar spied here in Jacksonville is the XJ6 and was produced under Ford’s reign in the mid-late 90’s. It possesses the feel of luxury with leather appointed seats, a super smooth on the road feel, and wood interior trimmings, which Jag is notorious for. It’s powered by a 4.0-liter inline 6 producing around 235 horsepower and has the infamous cat leaping proudly on the front hood. So, if your feeling brave come by and pet my cat’s tail or give my sisters cat some love or better yet go out and buy yourself a Jaguar!

Happy Motoring!!!



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