Wave-therapy is a sound device that emits low-frequency acoustic pressure waves. These waves are known to lower inflammation, increase circulation and stimulate the mitochondria when absorbed by the body. In today’s interview, I speak with Kirra Sirianni about sound wave therapy and the unique service she has brought to Ashland.

Kirra, thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us today and telling us all about your new business, WaveTonix Wellness.

Thank you Shields for giving me this opportunity, it’s exciting for me to be here.


To begin with, will you please tell us a little bit about yourself and what initially peaked your interest in sound therapy?

Absolutely. It all began with a fall in Lithia Creek back in summer of 2016. I had no idea, of course, that at that time this would be the beginning of a very changed direction in my life. Before that fall, I had lived in a pain free body. After the fall, within 2 months, I developed severe sciatica. It was around that same time I also began studying for a career in laser tattoo removal. My schooling involved a lot of sitting in the classroom as well as commuting to Salem, Oregon – not the best component for sciatica! It was up in Salem where I was introduced to the Medsonix device. I took my first opportunity to sit with the device after class and became quickly aware that after my 2nd treatment, I woke up the following day with zero sciatica pain! It was then in that moment my path was de-railed, and I knew what I was really up in Salem for. It was an “Aha” moment for me, and I remember it so clearly. It was overall fascinating to me and I was compelled to learn so much more.


Wow…what a life changer! What were the next steps you took from there?

Well, because I was committed to finishing the Advanced Aesthetics program, studying for and taking the state exam, it was necessary for me to stay focused on this piece before pursuing what I truly wanted. So I completed the program, got my Advanced Aesthetician License, filed it away, and started pursuing a business path towards sound wave therapy! I look back and can clearly see that had it not been for my strong desire to learn about laser tattoo removal, I would’ve never learned about the Medsonix sound wave device, as well as having the compassion I now have for people dealing with pain, had I not taken the great fall in 2016! Truly, everything happened for a reason.


How widely spread is this Medsonix device and who created it?

 Clinics offering the Medsonix device are widely spread throughout North America, with 5 in Hawaii, as well as in the Philippines. I do know there are a couple in private homes, as well as in Equine Centers, as horses respond quite well to this therapy. They are popping up in many metropolitan cities as well as catching interest in the medical world, so it’s quite exciting.

Alphonse “Al” Cassone is the inventor of the Medsonix device, with the headquarters being based in Las Vegas. It was invented “by accident” as the saying goes, though I believe there are no accidents.


How does the device work?

Inside a tank of 50 gallons of distilled water, there is a transducer. When turned on, the transducer emits what is known as low-frequency acoustic pressure waves. These waves move out of the tank, and because we are a high percentage of water, (70-74%) we absorb these applied pressure waves, which result with our entire system experiencing reduced inflammation, improved blood flow and circulation, strengthens the lymphatic system, stimulates the mitochondria, the “powerhouse” of our cells, resets the autonomic nervous system and reduces overall pain.


Kirra, what do you see as the future of sound healing and what are your hopes for bringing this device to Ashland?

Honestly, for me, the future of sound healing is really about bringing something from the past back and more into the mainstream of healing. Sound healing has been here for thousands of years and we are immersed in sound all around us. It has been a resonance we naturally identify with and our bodies naturally respond to, so it’s easy for me to understand response to sound.

What I hope for this community is an introduction to a different approach of managing whatever it is someone may be going through… whether it’s a chronic condition, an acute injury, perhaps a pre or post op situation, body pain they’ve been living with and not finding relief, or maybe even having a desire to decrease their pain medication.


Kirra, what types of conditions does sound wave therapy treat?

Oh my goodness, there are many! The diseases and conditions that may respond to wave therapy include: atherosclerosis, arthritis (osteo & rheumatoid) bruising, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue, diabetic ulcers, edema, fibromyalgia, lupus, lyme disease, MS, migraines, neuropathy, numbness, Parkinsons disease, peripheral/vascular disease, sciatica, sports injuries, tendonitis, vasculitis…and so much more.


There are also several patents on the technology. Can you tell us about those?

Yes, of course. This device currently holds 3 U.S. Medical patents for the treatment of blood disorders, circulatory disorders and for musculoskeletal tissue and inflammatory disorders. It’s been recognized by the FDA as a Class 1 Medical device which means it falls into the lowest risk category of medical devices in the field. It’s non-invasive, safe, and has no known negative side effects.


This technique has also been used to treat Lyme disease?

I have not personally treated anyone (yet) with Lyme disease, though I do know the early signs of Lymes…joint pain, swelling, headaches and neck stiffness, all of which have been known to see great improvement with sound wave therapy. Lyme disease, like with any chronic disease, should be clearly diagnosed by a professional practitioner, and though sound-wave therapy is a great approach for finding pain relief with it, I hope to one day witness this therapy as a successful solution of complete relief from such a debilitating disease.


Kirra, you want to share this experience with as many people as possible, thus the first free session.

Yes absolutely, people are curious…so I offer this free treatment to make it easy and accessible for them. I want to offer something that may help them, by sharing what has helped me so much. No strings attached!


Kirra, can you please describe the process?

You bet! It’s quite simple. I have 6 super comfortable recliners around this device, as I am able to treat up to six people in a 60 minute session. (Although 6 people are not required to run a session). A person sits in the chair, I offer noise cancelling head-phones to wear, for the sound frequency it produces (630 hz) …sit back, relax and I’m finding many people go to sleep. It seems to put us into an altered state. It’s very relaxing.


What are individuals reporting who participate?

It appears to be a game changer…

”I have experienced degenerative disc disease in my lower back for 8 years with little or no relief from pain. I now have it in my neck and I have severe arthritis throughout my body. After 3 sessions of wave therapy, the pain in my hands was gone, my back pain was significantly diminished and, I was able to walk my dog up and down hills without any pain at all. I could also touch the floor with my hands without bending my knees! Something I hadn’t done for years! I live in the Central valley of California but I plan to drive to Ashland twice a month for however long I can just to continue my therapy sessions. It is worth the 6 hour drive and much more.” Jacqueline Flowers

“I have relied heavily for 30 years on the use of an ultrasonic scaler that uses frequency and vibration to blast calculus deposits from teeth without harming the surrounding tissues. I was both fascinated and anxious to experience this same high frequency blast that would energize, facilitate and activate my body to synergistically heal itself. I heavily researched several modalities before I made my decision to try this machine.

I went for a mild shoulder and thumb chronic issue and ended up after 3 visits with other rewards! Besides my thumb and shoulder being better, my front root canal tooth suddenly stopped feeling inflamed and problematic, and my sinus allergy issue was much better! I have noticed overall improvement in body mobility and wellness. I have signed up for a 10-package deal (have had 4) and plan on making this modality a part of my preventive program. I have felt nothing but good outcomes!” L. Young


Can you participate if you have a hearing aid?

 Yes! And heart-pacers are safe too! All electrical body implants are completely safe, as the only contraindication is pregnancy.


Kirra, you are also making this service available to pet owners, is that correct?

It is indeed Shields, and thank you for asking this! I am happy to say wave-therapy is very successful on animals, with dogs being the most popular furry clients. It’s great for hip dysplasia, aging dogs and wounds Beginning the 2nd Saturday of May, I will be offering Pet Therapy. This will be for both the pet and their owner to be in the room together, and from my personal experience, animals have no problem with the sound, as a matter of fact, it appears to relax them rather quickly. I haven’t personally tried it with my cat, but I hope to have cats as my clients as well!


How about athletes? Does it have any benefits?

It absolutely does! Athletes were tested for a clinical study at the 2 clinics in Las Vegas and Scottsdale, and what they found after one month, 8 – 60 minutes sessions (before & after) their inflammation decreased by 4.7%, the nervous system function increased by 9.0%, cellular health increased at 6.6%, anaerobic threshold increased 4.5% and the VO2 max increased at 3.1%. Increasing the VO2 max helps runners by giving more use of oxygen for better endurance. Overall benefits for peak performance for all athletes!


After the first session, what are your fees?

I offer a few options. A standard one-hour session is $70. An “Intro Package,” which is 3 sessions, is $160. I offer an “Injury Package” which is 4 treatments, (consecutive days are suggested for the best outcome), which runs $225. A 10-treatment package for $600, and a one-month “Unlimited Treatment Package” is$650. The ‘Pet Therapy’ session with is $70 for both the pet and their owner.


Kirra, thanks for helping our community be a better place. If any of our readers are interested, how can they go about scheduling a session with you?

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity Shields. It’s truly a dream that came true to bring this device into the community, for the better health of us all!

For folks who are interested, please visit my website: www.WaveTonix.com to set up a session…it’s a fairly simple process. But if it’s more convenient you can call or text me, 541-944-4284, and I am happy to set it up for you!


Are there any last thoughts or comments you would like to share with our readers?

If one is still wary about the positive impact this sound-based therapy can have on the body, stay curious enough to reach out, and you may discover you’ve been introduced to something you didn’t know you were missing! And thank you for taking the time to read this.

Learn More:
WaveTonix Wellness
270 4th Street
Ashland Oregon
(541) 944-4284





Wave therapy is a sound device that emits low-frequency acoustic pressure waves that lowers inflammation, increases circulation and stimulates mitochondria (healthy factors of our cells).

FOR ANIMALS TOO! Simply sit back and relax in a comfortable chair for 60 minutes.



Wave therapy is a sound device that emits low-frequency acoustic pressure waves that lowers inflammation, increases circulation and stimulates mitochondria (healthy factors of our cells).

FOR ANIMALS TOO! Simply sit back and relax in a comfortable chair for 60 minutes.