Leaving Behind a Legacy

We had the honor of attending a retirement ceremony this past month. After 38 years of service, the Medford Chief of Police hung up the handcuffs and emptied his office. For those of you who have never attended a police or military retirement celebration, they are quite an ordeal. Parts are filled with laughter as different speakers roast the retiree, while other moments have you in tears, as you realize just what was sacrificed in exchange for a successful career. This particular ceremony was filled with both and there was no doubt in the room that Chief George left behind an amazing legacy and big shoes to fill for the next Chief.

These events usually leave the guests in awe and wonder, in awe of what one person can accomplish during a career and in wonder of what will be said when they decide to “hang it up.” We both left with a renewed heart and a brighter direction for 2016 and it became clearer than ever: we don’t want to be known for our sales ability, we want to be known for our level of service.

2015 was a monumental year. Since we have been working together as a team, we have been assembling our machine. We have been looking for the perfect parts, the correct timing, and fine tuning our skills to ultimately master our craft. We had our fair share of trial and error on what advertising works, what search engines produce results, how to best position each property correctly in the market, etc. We worked diligently, trying to to meet our clients’ needs while still finding time to recharge our own batteries. At the beginning of 2015 it was clear we had created quite a machine and it was time to take her out and see how far she could be pushed. We closed a hair shy of $53 million dollars in real estate, and boy was it a joyful ride! We met some of the most amazing clients, listed and sold beautiful homes, and we each built our dream homes right next door to one another.

As we closed out 2015, we were reminded that bigger isn’t always better. In order to surpass our closed volume we would need to add more working components and to be quite honest, that just isn’t our style. We love the small details of our business, i.e. creating our own flyers and refilling the boxes, personally returning each phone call, attending home inspections and pulling down the lock boxes. At a certain level that becomes closer to impossible, so as we enter into 2016, our goal is to hone our craft. We want to provide a service beyond expectation. We are committed to giving unbiased, candid answers so our clients can make real life decisions. We want to continue to be your dream team that ensures a stress-free (well, less stressful) escrow whether you or selling or buying. We want every question to be answered, no matter how small, and when we don’t know the answer, we want to be able to find it for you.

We couldn’t have done it without you, for you are the reason we continue to look forward to coming to work each day. We admire and respect the relationships with our clients, our escrow officers, our home inspectors and our fellow agents. These relationship are not taken for granted.

When it’s time for us to hang up our keys and move into the next chapters of our lives, we want our legacy to be about service and not sales. Thanks for letting us do what we do. We are appreciative of the trust and look forward to working with you in many years to come.

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DeAnna Sickler & Dyan Lane

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