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More testimonials from our inspiring clients at Ashland Neurofeedback:

“I am a big believer in dealing with things at the source level. I have done quite a bit of other types of neurofeedback, and have found them very helpful. Since beginning Microcurrent Neurofeedback, I have been amazed to discover that the very persistent “stuck spots” in my life started to fade rapidly once we applied this type of brain training.” 

Jerry S., Ashland, Oregon, 13 sessions

“IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback worked great for me. I had so much frustration and trauma due to my husband’s six year struggle with seizures that I had lost my creativity and my resilience. Within three sessions I noticed a big shift. My stress melted away and I started to do things I enjoy again instead of just reacting to the next crisis. I would highly recommend this for anyone needing a shift in their thinking and wanting to get over trauma. Suzanne Mark is a technician with great awareness and she really helped me get through my hurdles.”

D.V. – Medford, 12 sessions

“The holiday season is a trigger for my PTSD. I often fall into depression and get physically ill due to childhood trauma and grief. Microcurrent Neurofeedback with Suzanne Mark helped me get through the season this year. I started treatment in November and sailed through, even enjoying, the Christmas holidays for the first time I can remember. Sessions are painless and work without having to dip into old memories hashed over for years in psychotherapy. Suzanne is a skilled, intuitive and sensitive technician. As a bonus, I’ve noticed a positive ripple effect on my tendency toward anxiety and bursts of anger. This intervention is a tool I will use as needed in the future.” 

L.H. – Ashland, 12 sessions

“I have a decades long history of physical and psychological trauma that has expressed itself in anxiety, depression, and difficulties with intimacy. I worked for many years with a traditional therapist, which was useful in identifying the source of my traumas and associated behaviors, but the anxiety and depression never really went away. Since I have begun working with Suzanne using the MCN technology, it feels as if a sea change has taken place, and the constant background noise of my anxiety is simply fading away. Suzanne is a generous and empathetic guide, who, in addition to the Microcurrent treatments, has proposed a number of simple, effective techniques that help release those things that the neurofeedback stirs up. The whole process, for me at least, has been both subtle and profound, and, as we go forward, transformative.”

C.K. – Yreka, California, 20 sessions

How can we support you in achieving your goals in 2022 and beyond? Contact Suzanne at (541) 631-8757 to discuss your unique brain. Please protect your “intellectual property” by wearing a high-quality helmet suitable for your athletic pursuits. 

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