Letting Go

With the type of neurofeedback that we do here at Ashland Neurofeedback, you’re able to sit quietly and simply receive the Microcurrent Neurofeedback, either with eyes closed or open. This is letting go and integrating at the brain level. It requires zero effort, other than to show up at the appointment. It is very effective. Often, however, many clients take advantage of the time we spend together to learn some new tools.

One of the tools that clients find very beneficial is learning how to release limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs. This is a partly cognitive, partly meditative method which we have both taught for many years internationally in both English and Spanish. It’s called The Sedona Method. What people love about The Sedona Method is that it helps you release The Wants (yearning or grasping) that drive your feelings. Working at this root level is powerful, because it takes the wind out of your limitations.

There are three main “Wants” that drive most of our perceived limitations. The first one is Wanting Control. This want feels hard and pushy, and there is always a sense of lack like you have to do something to get it back. When you let go of the wanting of control, you start to feel more in control of situations you used to find very challenging. The second is Wanting Approval (or Wanting Love). This want feels sort of “needy” like you’re lacking recognition and acceptance and you have to DO something to get it back. As you let go of the wanting of approval, you get to a point where you start to feel loved and approved of, as well as much more loving and accepting of others. The next is Wanting Security. When you’re wanting security you may feel threatened, unsafe, and that you have to do something to get it back. With all of these wants, there’s a sense of “never enough.” It doesn’t matter how much money you have or don’t have in the bank or how many good things are happening in your life you can still have this underlying sense of insecurity. Letting go of the yearning for security can allow you to feel more relaxed and safe wherever you are. We teach you how to uncover this natural ability to LET GO!

Suzanne and Daniel have taught this to thousands of people and we still find it, hands down, one of the best tools we’ve ever used personally or therapeutically. We love helping people learn tools that they can use to get themselves out of tricky or limiting patterns and situations. The tools we use are a great adjunct for Neurofeedback. It is gratifying and FUN to see our inspiring and remarkable clients get back into life, feel joyful and achieve dreams. Please call Suzanne at (541) 631-8757 to discuss your goals and how neurofeedback and our customized combination of approaches might help you. Most of these tools are included in sessions.

**We have been noticing that people who ride razors and the like tend to skip the helmet. You are not invincible. You cannot control what others do. Please wear an excellent helmet to protect your most valuable intellectual property, your beautiful brain.

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