Mederi Care: A Whole Systems Approach

Mederi Care is a unique methodology of patient care developed by our founder Donnie Yance. It applies core principles of “whole medical systems” found throughout the world, including traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Kampo medicine (Japanese), and Ayurvedic medicine (from India), among others. 

These approaches share a number of common elements, including:

 • the belief that one’s body has the power to heal itself

 • healing is most often supported using multiple techniques and tools that address the mind, body, and spirit

 • treatment is often individualized and built around the patient’s presenting symptoms. 

Our belief in the body’s inherent ability to heal and become whole, and to overcome disease is fundamental to Mederi Care. 

The Mederi Care approach recognizes that our cells, organs, and systems are dynamic, interconnected, and interrelated, and all contain the innate knowledge and ability to heal us when supported by a healthy foundation. Our integrative approach builds this foundation of health using botanical medicine and clinical nutrition, along with dietary and lifestyle recommendations. 

Let’s take a closer look at the three main branches of Mederi Care and how we apply them to our work with patients:

The Whole Person (your body)

We target overall health promotion by strengthening your body’s innate healing Life-Force within you and its natural function to want to heal itself.

The Microenvironment (the cellular level of your body)

We target the microenvironment of your body, making it the most conducive to support health and the least conducive to conditions that lead to disease.

The Disease / Condition

If you are sick, we target your individual disease presentation (or tumor if you have cancer) through the development of a comprehensive, integrative protocol.

Meet Dr. Susan Saccomanno

Dr. Susan Saccomanno, ND, LAc has over fourteen years of experience as a family physician with a specialty in holistic cancer care and chronic illness. Dr. Susan has been practicing at the Mederi Center since 2014, where she blends the best of naturopathic and Chinese traditions and applies her expertise in botanical and nutritional medicine, often in tandem with conventional therapies.

“Dr. Susan’s gifts are her graciousness, humility, curiosity, and desire to really understand patients. I appreciate that she was willing to work with me while I underwent surgery and decided to take Tamoxifen. Dr. Su met me where I was, and I didn’t feel judged for the path that I chose–I felt only supported. She continues to welcome my questions, take the time I need to understand my protocol and why she is prescribing it, and to offer encouragement on this journey. I am grateful for the Mederi team and feel indebted to them for the care I have received…”  ~ Kristin Sartain

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