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New Directions

One of the best ways to encourage optimal brain function is to do new things and stretch our comfort zones in different and exciting ways. A few years ago, while still suffering the after effects of a bad concussion from years before, I had the occasion to take a Statistics class at RCC. Of course, I would not willingly have taken such a torturous class; I needed it as a prerequisite for an academic program.

Needless to say, after not having taken advanced math for so many years, it gave me quite a mental workout. The unimaginable side effect was that the “depression” that my brain had been experiencing ended. I finally felt able to branch out in new directions.  Not long after that, I started a course of IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback. I continued to improve. It was the Statistics class that “blew the doors open”.

Recently, I auditioned for a role in the play Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca. It is being performed by the company Teatro Convivio at the Bellevue Grange with Richard Heller directing. The dates are October 31 through November 18

The challenge of working with a large cast has been inspiring and fun. Rehearsing a role in English and Spanish has been invigorating and stimulating. The intensity of the passionate and tragic play stretches the range of feeling that we have become accustomed to.

I encourage clients and students to try new things, release and renew, stretch and experience. If your life is bigger, your brain capacity increases as well and vice versa.

I hope to see you at Blood Wedding!

You can get tickets at or on the Theatre Convivio Blood wedding Facebook page.

Hasta Pronto!

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