Our New Digs! And You Can Help!

Hey Lovely Locals!

First, I just want to say how excited I am about all the blogs and pictures that you've all been posting – that is what makes this site fun to visit! Keep up the interesting activity!

Second, we have found our new "home." It's a big classroom in the Briscoe Art Wing and it is going to be great! We do have several items that we would love to have donated to us in order to make it comfy and cozy for all of us (yes, you members will be welcome to stop by and hang out when you're in the neighborhood). So, if you or anyone you know has these (or other helpful) items, or if you see them at a thrift store or yard sale, send me a message on here or leave me a voicemail at 800-913-0982 ext 7 and let me know what you found!

And without further ado…here's our list of items to accept:

Desks (3+)

Small Refrigerator (somewhere to keep all the food you'll come by to eat!)

Water Stand

Couches & Armchairs

Hot Plate

Coffee Machine

Trash Cans (5 small/medium)

Old (or New & Free) Computers

Office/Desk Chairs (3+)

Filing Cabinets

Office Supplies

Lamps (Desk & Floor Models)

Coffee Tables

Area Rugs (Pretty ones, please!)

Nice Curtains (the longer the better)


HUGE thanks in advance for all of your scouting prowess!


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