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Did you know your Sun Sign reveals the way you want to be nurtured, the way you express yourself and your drives, hopes and wishes. So instead of complaining how your mother, father, spouse, significant other and friends don’t nurture you, try something different – nurture yourself!

Use the following Sun sign key and discover how you can comfort yourself. Enjoy!

If you’re born between 21 March – 20 April then you are an: Aries

Aries, you have boundless get-up-and-go energy, and you find conflict a wee bit exciting. What does it for you: a day of power-shopping, or maybe an off-road bike ride, rock climbing. Just make sure you can enjoy the view. Outdoors speaks to your adventure-loving heart.

If you’re born between 21 April -21 May then you are a: Taurus

Taurus, your too sexy for the world. You are sensual and extravagant, and nobody knows how to indulge themselves more than you. What does it for you – treating yourself to a massage, pedicure, or maybe renting a limo for a day. Perhaps go on a local wine tasting tour; maybe purchase a piece of artwork or buy those earrings/cufflinks that whisper “buy me” every time you look at them in the window.

If you’re born between 21 May – 21 June then you are a: Gemini

Gemini, you are quick-witted and love variety. Enjoy a cocktail, coffee with all of your closest buddies. Let’s see buy theatre tickets, go to a movie, and laugh as loud as you can. Sign up for that class or better yet think of a class you want to teach. Set an appointment to get that hair styled. Get your video cam out and direct the world. Gemini, nobody (and I mean nobody!) knows how to keep the mood fun and light like you!

If you’re born between 22 June – 22 July then you are a: Cancer

Cancer, you are the king/queen of nurturing. Fix your favourite drink and put it in your favourite glass. My friend Leslie (who is a Cancer) gave me a beautiful goblet and called it “Linda’s goblet of abundance”. I love it and when I drink from it –okay, you get the picture. Anyway, back to you – put on your favourite music, bring out all the old photos and start calling the people you love. Or maybe you want to plan a vacation, fix a yummy dish, go the bookstore, or rent a movie. Whatever you do, it will be magical!

If you’re born between 23 July – 23 August then you are a: Leo

Leo, how you love the spotlight but sometimes you want silence. Read, relax and enjoy your favourite sports show. If you have children watch them, see how they interact and gently tell them how much you love them. Tinker around the house with the projects that you have been meaning to fix. Don’t worry! By tomorrow you will regain your roar. For kicks, rent a karaoke machine – watch out American Idol!

If you’re born between 23 August – 23 September you are a: Virgo

Virgo, your idea of nurturing yourself is probably cleaning the house, right? There’s something almost Zen-like about vacuuming the living room; the rhythm soothes you, not to mention the feeling you get from bringing order to your environment. Perhaps you can go to your favourite bookstores and spend several guilt-free hours browsing. Then mosey on over to the pricey culinary shop and indulge in one of those must-have kitchen gadgets that all the cooking shows rave about. Perhaps you can pick-up lunch at the fine, well-appointed restaurant, or just grab a table inside – be reckless!

If you’re born between 23 September – 23 October then you are a: Libra

Libra, you are always trying to bring harmony to the world. Now it’s time to treat yourself to a long, luxurious visit to a day spa. Pull out all the stops. Or perhaps you want a day trip to the beach and listen to the waves. Afterwards, go clubbing where you can dance, shout and let it out. Serenity’s good but singing loud goes a long way!

If you’re born between 23 October – 23 November then you are a: Scorpio

Scorpio, the perfect way to nurture you is to hit the pause button. Recall all the places you enjoy visiting such as the cemetery, zoo, hiking trails, etc. Think about what you have achieved in your life. Treat yourself to that out-of-the-way food stand and enjoy people watching. Don’t forget to grab and play your favourite music even if it’s on a cassette tape. You are a respected, complex, multifaceted individual, and the world needs you.

If you’re born between 23 November – 22 December then you are a: Sagittarius

Sagittarian, the world is your play ground. If you’ve got the time and the resources, go for a long drive and explore places that are off the beaten path. If you don’t get a chance to travel, arrange a lively get-together with family and some of your many friends. Make sure you have plenty of exotic foods, mingle and flirt with the crowd, and show off your smarts and wonderful sense of humor.

If you’re born between 22 December – 20 January then you are a: Capricorn

Capricorn, anything that makes you laugh, feel good and forget your worries is a good start. Splurge at that restaurant you love, watch a comedy, drink that delicious large cup of cappuccino, play your music loud and discreetly tap your foot. Just indulge – you old goat! Write a gratitude list and realize that life has a way of working out.

If you’re born between 21 January – 19 February then you are an: Aquarius

Aquarius, please try to sit still. Now I know that is a tall order but you need to regroup, and I mean right now. Yes, you have your causes and interests but I want you to do something for you. Paint, swim, skate, run, walk or dance just get that body of yours moving. Go to a musical, watch a comedy, get a massage, or rent a meditation tape – just lighten up! Relax and celebrate your unique and amazing soul. It’s all Good!

If you’re born between 20 February – 20 March then you are a: Pisces

Pisces, indulge your desire to daydream, play video games, look at a fantasy movies and sleep. Fantasy and creativity are your lifeblood. Go to a museum, see a movie and experience anything in which reality is suspended for a time, allowing you to express your childlike innocence and curiosity. Take a walk in the park – your love of nature will inspire you for days on end.

Any questions, comments (love praise) and gifts you want to give to me – bring it on. I can be reached at – nothing but love-Linda


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