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Introducing the Personal Planets

The natal chart (also called a birth chart or horoscope) acts as a “window” to the self. There are ten planets that make up the chart but this month we will focus on the first five Personal Planets, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

You will learn what these planets govern and how they affect your life.


First there is our Sun sign, a person’s internal parent or adult, and few things get past him/her. The Sun will listen to all of the other planets’ input, but the Sun is the boss—the one who screens the action. The Sun will sends out the different planets on different missions.

The Moon is our internal child. The Moon represents our feelings, often those that are difficult to put into words. When we are feeling and thinking one thing, and are asked what is on our mind, more often than not our Sun (adult) screens these feelings so that what come out of our mouth stops us from telling our true feelings. (You know when a friend asks if you like something and you just say yes to be nice)  

Then Mercury, the planet of communication, showcases how we express ourselves and rules our more impersonal thought processes. Think about the style in which you communicate; perhaps you are fast and furious, slow and deliberate, or somewhere in between. All these styles are determined by Mercury.


Next is Venus, the feminine aspect of the chart. Venus expresses what makes us feel good; our desires and the way we approach relationships, money, romance, and love. Venus represents social interactions, social attitudes, the arts, and where our values lie and how we set our priorities.


And last but not least—Mars. Mars represents action, masculine energy. Our first active impulses are ruled by Mars. What fires us up, what gets us out of bed, and what lights our fire—most importantly the passion in which we pursue our wants. Mars represents impulse and embodies our instinct for survival—the “fight or flight” instinct.


Next month you will be introduced to the Generational Planets.


Remember, It’s a great day to be part of the Universe!


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