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Psychospiritual Integration

My name is Jen Beaman and I am a certified psychospiritual integration coach and Lucia°3 Light facilitator.

The pandemic, loss of jobs & businesses, and the unprecedented and tragic fires that impacted Ashland and many other NW communities have triggered incredible grief. Our neurological systems are hyperactivated and emotionally raw.

Now more than ever people need a place to rest and recover, to take time for themselves to center and recalibrate – to fully and completely exhale.

I am honored to support this process through creating a safe and nurturing space for clients to turn off and tune back into their inner worlds so they can remember and reconnect with their heart center.

Lucia°3 is the substance-free portal to extraordinary states of consciousness that help entrain your brain for easier, deeper meditation.

Experiencers report:

• profound relaxation

• out of body experiences

• pineal gland/third eye activation

• brilliant kaleidoscopic inner visuals

• feeling more at peace & connected to their inner selves than they ever imagined possible.

If you’re ready to release whatever you have been holding during these tumultuous times, I am here for you.

Jen Beaman
(360) 771-1540 [text to arrange a call]

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