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I am grateful for the incredible amount of trust that people grant me. To allow someone to enter your mouth, cut/carve/whittle/whatever you want to call it on your teeth, bone, and/or gum tissues is a scary/anxiety-producing/nerve-racking/unpleasant experience. And I appreciate, I am certain not fully, the trust/confidence/hope/faith that people exercise in me as I work on, in, and around their teeth.

I suspect most of the trust and confidence comes from people telling other people about the work that we do. And for that I am also very grateful – that those who have had good experiences in our office are willing to share with others those good experiences. A referral or recommendation from a trusted friend jump-starts the trust building process between our office and prospective new patients. And we at Today’s Dentistry certainly appreciate the trust our patients place in us :^)

5 Stars – Ciry –

I appreciate so much the expertise of Dr. Warr and his staff, as well as everyone’s kindness and compassion whenever I need dental work done. Dr. Warr and Lindsey did a fine job of repairing my tooth today and the experience was positive in every way. Thank you!

5 Stars – Dave –

My dental cleaning with Mark went excellent. Very happy with Marks work and overall a pleasant experience as always. Doctor Warr and his staff have always been a great experience for me. Thank you.

5 Stars – Warren –

Simply great. Jill is an excellent dental hygienist.

5 Stars – Jessie –

High quality service, professional and friendly. Most appreciated is they stick to their appointment schedule. No waiting past your appointed time. Knowledge, patient and thoroughly explains procedures in advance. Recommend highly.

5 Stars – Alice –

I have referred plenty of people here. I love this dental office. The staff is always friendly and the hygienists are gentle and thorough. Dr. Warr is great.

5 Stars – Gary –

Dr Warr is amazing, numbed me up without even feeling him poke the needle into my gums, pulled my tooth, and it came out easily, no pain at all, thank you for a great dental visit, would recommend him to all.

5 Stars – Bruce –

Didn’t see the dentist, only the hygienist, Rachelle. She was very skilled and always willing and able to adapt to my sensitivities and idiosyncrasies. She was also very personable and pleasant to be with. I left the office laughing!

5 Stars – Dan –

Dr. Warr and his staff are incredibly friendly and informative. They walk you through any billing information or questions and give you very accurate estimates of what is covered by your insurance and how much procedures will cost you out of pocket before they are even scheduled. Dr. Warr is very polite and always lets you know what he is doing in your mouth so nothing surprises you. He also tells you what the tools and measurements are and what they are measuring or doing and will show you all your pictures and x-rays and teaches you more about your own mouth than many dentists care to. Highly recommend Dr. Warr and his office!

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Dr. James Burneson

Our practice is working together to realize a shared vision of uncompromising excellence in dentistry.

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