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Making every moment count requires a continual process of choosing in one’s life. Unfortunately, in states of (depression, PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism Spectrum, and other brain-related dysfunction) individuals are not at their full liberty to make the choice that represents their best interests, fulfillment, and happiness. This becomes a painful and repetitive process that can further isolate and compound underlying issues of stress, anxiety, and depression. In today’s interview, I speak with Suzanne Mark, owner of Ashland Neurofeedback. Suzanne is a dedicated practitioner and loyal ally to all of her clients. She goes above and beyond in helping them to find health and healing while continually paying attention to the moment-to-moment changes and adjustments.

Hi Suzanne, welcome back to LocalsGuide and thank you for taking the time to speak with us today.

Thanks, Shields, I am excited to catch up and reconnect with our community, lots of great things are happening at Ashland Neurofeedback.

Suzanne, please catch us up to date on how things are going in life and business?

It has been a big year, with lots of change. I moved into a bigger office to host groups. I feel really positive because we are seeing big changes in people as they receive the support that they need through our program, which we are growing to better and more rapidly serve people who are stuck in one or more ways. The dream of my clients is to feel fulfilled, be pain free, to feel great, to recover lost vitality, to improve memory, and to increase creative engagement with the world. I share those dreams with my clients and we share a deep feeling of gratitude and fulfillment. We are all moving forward together!

Can you please give us an overview of the services you are currently providing and what conditions they are best at addressing.

IASIS MCN has been shown to be helpful for treatment of symptoms associated with the following problems:

Anxiety in all forms, including panic attacks, generalized anxiety & PTSD, impulse control, anger, rage & depression, attachment issues.

Mild/Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), concussions from sports, blast injuries, old head injuries, etc., childhood or adult emotional trauma, strokes, to a limited extent.

ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer’s, stress related dementia, some learning disabilities, and cognitive deficits from stroke.

Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, some aspects of autistic spectrum disorders, addiction, sympathetic stress response, insomnia.

We also do deep releasing so that you can learn to let go of limiting or destructive emotional patterns that cause stuckness in life and even physical pain while increasing resilience and happiness. We use BioFlex Infrared Lasers for pain and injury healing, etc. We use tools that quickly release deep trauma by balancing brain function. We use other techniques as part of our program that helps the whole program work more deeply and quickly.

Suzanne, will you please talk more in-depth about the process you take your customers through when working at Ashland Neurofeedback?

In the first session, I become familiar with your motivations and goals for treatment so we can evaluate how you are doing as the sessions progress. Our “litmus test” for progress is always based on the initial assessment. We determine your level of CNS (Central Nervous System) sensitivity to set a protocol for you. Before each additional session you will be asked to email a record of your most prominent improvements so we can track your progress.

After cleansing the skin, a small dab of electrode gel will be applied to allow sensors to attach behind each ear, the middle of the back of the neck, and in pairs of certain sites on the head. These sensors obtain brainwave recordings and receive the tiny short impulses described above. Although the brain detects the feedback impulses, you usually will not feel anything. During the session, we might release old thoughts, feelings or beliefs or you may sit quietly. The actual neurofeedback component lasts only about 20-80 seconds per site pair. The sensors will be moved to specific locations depending on your history, reactivity, and prior feedback. Once the session is completed, you will be asked to report any positive responses, discomfort or side effects experienced during your session. The initial session is an hour and a half or less. Follow up sessions usually take 45-60 minutes.

Suzanne, many clients choose to work with you because of the special connections and support they feel from you.

I LOVE my clients! I am continually honored by the types and quality of people who choose to work with me. I am always finding ways to connect and we tend to laugh a lot. I enjoy relating one-on-one to help people flower into their success. I love seeing them become happy—recovering their joy of life and contributing to the world again. I just ran into a former client at the Co-op who had struggled with paralyzing anxiety since she was young. It was preventing her from enjoying life and even from doing what she used to enjoy doing. Social anxiety made relationships very challenging for her and she was lonely. When I ran into her, she was buying a bottle of wine to celebrate her first anniversary in a committed relationship with a wonderful man. We talked about how much her life has changed as a result of our sessions together. I feel honored have had a part in such a big shift.

Suzanne, you work very hard to be a great advocate to all of your clients.

Many clients need an ally for their health and wholeness. To eliminate or reduce stuck patterns, but also to recognize their wholeness in small moments. I take each person exactly where they are at, one at a time. I see every client as an individual. I do my best not to presume and to remain open to the possibilities that the moment has to offer. People may also need access to the right information. I am highly committed to using interventions that work quickly without having to go back for 40 (or more!) sessions. I have personally sustained at least three brain injuries, the first was from falling off a rope into a river in Costa Rica. That injury changed my life because I found IASIS Micro-current Neurofeedback in my search for something to help ME. The next brain injury was from t-boning a car that pulled in front of me. By far the worst, was a post-concussive event AFTER that accident. I have been through it and I get it.

Suzanne, you must believe in great possibilities of change for your clients.

Yes, I believe in people’s ability to expand and become freer regardless of what the world is doing. People lose their ability to be resilient and they constantly look outside of themselves for support but when their brain is functioning properly they are more self-reliant.

Suzanne, many people don’t have time to wait for effective treatments. How do your treatments work quickly and effectively?

The Trans-cranial Electrical Stimulation (TcES) of IASIS Micro Current Technology gently balances the brain. Conditions helped by IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback (MCN) overlap those of traditional neurofeedback. However, it is common for a patient to plateau with traditional neurofeedback and then experience additional progress utilizing IASIS MCN which is much more efficient. Rapid progress is also possible due to the combination of therapies that we use in our program. According to pre and post Magnetoencephalography scans, IASIS MCN reduces “abnormal slow waves“ (see image) in the brain and that correlates to an amelioration of symptoms. Other forms of TcES use massive amounts of magnetic or electrical current and take much longer to work, 40 sessions or more. Micro-current goes deeper and works faster. Most people start to see results in 1-3 sessions and reach enduring sustainability in as little as 10 sessions. The fun thing is that unraveling glitches in one’s neurology opens doors and allows one to take the next steps. More than that, it can apply to almost anyone that wants to improve or increase focus, resilience, productivity, freedom from addictive behaviors, calmness, clarity, well-being, and happiness.

Can you please share some recent success stories with us?

Absolutely! I was blessed to treat an older woman who had some very bad childhood trauma, a recent battle with a life-or-death-illness and the sudden death of a close relative. It was new trauma stacked on old trauma, and she had lost her resilience and creativity. She was stuck. As she went through the sessions, she became inspired to think, feel and explore in new ways. She has started to get her life back after decades of depression. She is able to respond to challenges with a much higher viewpoint. She is no longer a prisoner of her crappy childhood! AND she healed some old head injuries at the same time. This is an incredibly loving and inspiring woman, whom I adore! I am so happy for her. She is dreaming again.

Along the same lines of old emotional and head trauma, I was blessed to work with a former fire fighter and EMT (first responders are one of the key groups that we support with IASIS MCN). He had a lot of old trauma and current stress as well as the remnants of a bad injury. At the same time, he is a genius level creative that is pioneering ways to help save the bees. He just started to feel better and better and he is moving forward and resolving old, tricky issues. I have really enjoyed working with him and watching his connection to his dreams open up. He is an extremely gifted and heart centered man. We have had incredible conversations. He is such an inspiration to others.

Also, I have been working with people who are stuck in sympathetic stress, which means that they cannot mediate their stress response. They are always in high alert. One 70+ woman has had an extremely high-stress corporate job. She started to feel the relaxation response kick in with her MCN sessions. What a difference! She is already a very powerful woman and now she can RELAX. I love working with her, she is so lively and inspiring. All of these people have taught me and improved my life in some way.

Suzanne, it is great to hear how passionate you are about your work. It also sounds extremely effective.

Thank you, I will not work with things that are not effective. I have kept that commitment for over 20 years of working with clients. My goal is to continually become more effective.

Suzanne, what do you pay attention to when working with patients to make sure they are on track to achieve their goals and stay positive throughout the process?

We do deep releasing with people to help them let go of content that arises moment to moment. We provide tools that they can use ON THEIR OWN to quickly change course if they get stuck. I also provide free support. This business is so dynamic and people change quickly, so they need support to integrate and expand.

Suzanne, your specialty is in working with people who feel “life failure.” Please say more.

Many times, people have ‘symptoms’ of something deeper that they can’t quite put their finger on. As one client described it, “I feel like I am failing at my life, but I have no idea how to turn it around! It is so frustrating. I have spent so many years stuck in neutral.” I work with talented individuals who have felt they have tried everything, but are not making progress. We take it to a brain level and address the underlying neurological glitches. I also use “super tools” that work extremely well with the MCN. I humorously call these “the mop-up crew.” People notice that old patterns start to diminish or disappear altogether. This is deeply gratifying.

What are some other things you enjoy doing in your life where you are able to share your passion for helping others?

I enjoy helping when it is needed and requested. I really love teaching the Releasing Process, which I have done for 20 years. I am really into cooking and sharing healthy, organic food. For fun, I am making my own work clothes. I speak a few languages and I love to travel, when I can. I most love spending time in nature, hanging out with my husband Daniel, just lying in the grass with our rescue cat, Tenille.

Suzanne, who do you feel is best suited to work with you?

People who want to be free from the limitations and pain of the past. People who know that there is something that is keeping them stuck but are not sure how to heal and expand. People who have found other approaches ineffective. Any of the symptoms that I have listed can be disentrained with Micro-current, but it is really about moving toward wholeness, happiness and peace.

Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us today. Do you have any additional thoughts or comments you would like to share with our readers?

I want to thank all of my clients and their families for their support and trust. Please call me for a phone consultation and I can listen to your story and share how this might be appropriate for your situation. Please go to our website or FB page to learn more.


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