Reflecting Back on 2013

Choosing a subject matter for our monthly columns can sometimes be a little challenging.  Perhaps it’s because often times we are scrambling around each of our houses on the morning of our deadline, texting ideas back and forth because it’s just too loud to have an actual phone conversation at 5:00am. Or, the best part is when the perfect idea pops in our heads while we’re half dressed, toddler at our feet and the toothbrush in our mouth.  Sure, we could risk it and wait ‘til we were finished but what if we forget before we actually communicated the idea?  Then it’s back to the drawing board.  If you have ever birthed a child, you get it.  With the placenta, part of your ability to retain information is also purged from your body.  Today was one of those mornings and through the smear of Colgate across my smart phone, we mastered what it is we want to share.

As we prepare for Christmas with our families we have been reflecting on our many blessings this year. On a personal level, our youngest children celebrated their first and second birthdays and as Griffin gets closer and closer to making complete sentences, Landon is days away from truly walking on his own. Alyse has become quite a skilled swimmer and dancer and Grady is borderline Evel  Knievel  on his bicycle.

Morning such as these are standard in our worlds.   Our co-workers are usually shocked to learn we have children, and small ones at that.  I recall recently being asked if we were babysitting late one evening because the agent heard kids in the background.  When we mentioned that we each have two kids, it was so wonderful to hear her sing our praises that we are able to run a business and raise families.  To us it is just what we do, so when we are commended for it we are caught off guard.

Professionally, 2013 was mind blowing.  We are probably one of the few businesses that don’t run their numbers until the end but we find that if we keep track on a monthly basis we lose focus on what really drives us.  Knowing we are insanely competitive, we find that it works best for us to not know the specifics.  We can then stay focused, keep our heads down and power through knowing our primary business goal is to provide high-quality, consistent service to our clients.  If that primary goal is achieved, we find that our sales volume tends to increase each year.  This year was probably the most rewarding year yet.

We were shocked to learn we closed over 24 million in 2013.  We actually had our office manager run the numbers twice.   We knew it had been a busy year, but in reflecting back we really felt we saw clients’ faces, not the numbers.   We are so grateful for each and every client that entered our lives this past year, both new and returning.

We are confident we work for the best company in the valley.  The family atmosphere at John L. Scott and their collective mind set to assist each broker with their business sets the company apart.  We had our annual Christmas party this past week and were honored to see the Vice President of the entire company there.  He mentioned how much he dreads coming to these “gatherings” because it is often adversarial when a large group of high caliber brokers get together.  He was shocked at the camaraderie and loving environment among the 120+ agents within the Medford and Ashland offices.

Of course we dragged our other halves to the party.  It was interesting to hear that a few of our co-workers cornered them and wondered what is like to be married to “us.”  They wanted the inside scoop about what the days look like next to the “powerhouses.”  We had to laugh.  We don’t see ourselves that way.  We consider ourselves business women who return phone calls, do what we say we are going to do and treat people with kindness; simple as that.  Now, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit we may toss out “powerhouse” a time or two in the future if we think it might carry some weight on laundry day.

As we reflect back on 2013 we are so thankful for one another.  For the days our children were sick and we were able to care for them fully because the other person had the business covered.  For the numerous times we tag-teamed a difficult file, and for all the hours of brainstorming about where we want our team to go in 2014. What we have is special and there is no doubt.  So, for those of you who have nicknamed us “Dynamic Duo,” “D-Squared,” “Superstars” & “Powerhouses,” thanks for appreciating our commitment both on and off the court.  We love what we do and we are glad you can tell.

We can’t wait for what’s around the corner for our business.  The market is up, the numbers are out and the goals are set.  It’s going to be exactly what we make it.

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