After seventeen years of business in the Rogue Valley, Banyan Tree Landscape Construction has found the most essential component of our offering is to reflect. Reflecting nature. Reflecting the unique lives of our clients. Reflecting values. Reflecting interest. Reflecting color preferences. Reflecting family structures. Reflecting future goals or desires to use your home in a more holistic and beneficial manner. As is above, so is below.

How is that done in a landscape? Mostly by carefully listening to our clients.

“I love that deep red fall color”  autumn blaze maple please

“I appreciate a hot cup of coffee early morning”  sunrise view bench under the oak   

“Our grandchildren visit often”  boulder wall to climb on

“My knees are not as good as they used to be”  gentle sloping path and handrail

“The neighbors backyard is a real distraction from my orderly lifestyle”  privacy fence STAT

“We expect our mother to move into the casita within the next few years”  plant a rose and make a well lit, easy to navigate path

“The kids are off to college next year” time to lose the trampoline and add the hot tub

“We are concerned about wildfire”  lets get rid of all those half dead Leyland cypress and put down some decorative rock mulch

“The freeway noise is troublesome”  bubbling water feature will help

“I’m always worried Mom is going to trip on this cracked up driveway”  time for a patterned paver driveway

Each of these statements sets the tone for our design-build approach. Whether a four season patio for sunrise coffee or a bocce ball court for social gatherings or a flowing water feature to add soothing sounds by your bedroom window. Maybe it’s time to replace the uneven paths through the garden. Or time to start a garden, plant a fruit tree, plant a tree for the grandkids to climb 15 years from now (yes you have to plan ahead). So much is possible and the benefit is long lasting. Perhaps the rotten cedar fence and mounded juniper that are a fire waiting to happen are ready for something more appropriate given the current climate.

I began this business with the phrase “resilient landscapes.” What is resilient, something that can survive the times and the only thing constant in that is change. I do get called back to jobs not because our work did not survive, quite the contrary because the years of benefit have inspired the next phase. I have not been called back to replace a single patio, retaining wall, or irrigation system I installed in all our years of service. I feel we have lived up to that word resilient.

We are here to help make your dreams come true for landscape and outdoor uses. Give us a call and I will be there to listen, reflect, and guide the process to creating an outer reflection of your inner beauty.

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