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Looking for something new and exciting to do this summer? Want to unplug and connect with loved ones? Take an opportunity this summer to learn more about the amazing history of the Upper Rogue River and Table Rocks with Emily and Taylor Grimes, owners of Rogue Jet Boat Adventures.

Rogue Jet Boat Adventures combines thrilling jet boat rides with educational opportunities that are safe and enjoyable for all ages. Located only 30 minutes from Ashland, you will be amazed at how quickly you can be surrounded by some of the most natural and untouched sections of the Rogue River. Combined with unforgettable scenery, magnificent estates, celebrity retreats, and deep-rooted knowledge of local history, Rogue Jet Boat Adventures is an adventure not to be missed. We spoke with Emily and Taylor to learn more about Rogue Jet Boat Adventures and the trips they will be offering this year.

Hi Emily and Taylor, thanks for speaking with us today. From what I’ve heard, you have had significant growth within your business and are off to a great start this year. Please tell us what you have in store for us.

Thanks for having us! Navigating through the Covid storm has been a challenging couple of years, but they have turned out to be our most successful and rewarding years to date. Our ability to offer smaller personalized group experiences, in a 100% outdoor environment, has been a win for all involved. We offer so much more than exciting jet boating on the Rogue though. We have been building on our private riverside Discovery Park going on for 6 years now and have so many new and exciting options for memory making. The Discovery Park is in a stunning location at the base of Lower Table Rock accessed by the river with activities for all ages, shaded picnic areas, and endless fun and fishing opportunities on our little lake. You are welcome to bring your own fishing gear when visiting us or rent poles from us pre-rigged for bass and bluegill. Our big news this year is we now have power! We have operated on generators for all our power needs for 5 years now, and to finally be able to flip a switch is still surreal to me! We also have added a new gift shop, bar, and food truck offering hot food items every day of the week for our customers. Anyone on the river is welcome to stop by our park any day to use the bathrooms, buy snacks and ice cream or even stop for a picnic. We also now offer lakeside Glamping, private events for up to 400 people, and Friday Happier Hour mini-concerts. 

That’s great to hear! You guys have created such unique and memorable ways to create experiences. Emily, I am excited to hear about the boats you are running this season and the Discovery Park Experience.

Currently, we have 3 boats seating 10, 18, and 25 people, for a total of 53 seats for each departure. Our boats were built locally and designed specifically for the section of the river we operate on. Our customers have been thrilled with the smaller tour sizes and how we are quickly able to customize a tour depending on the needs of the group. 

Our Discovery Park Experience is great for family groups wanting a close-by group activity or a way to enjoy celebrations. It includes around 25 minutes of jet boating catered to your group and at least 2 hrs. of time at our Discovery Park to enjoy all it has to offer. Time can be extended at no extra cost by arrangement. Hammocks, games, volleyball, disc golf, and playing on the giant teeter-totter are just some of your options. Swimming and fishing are open to all and boat rentals are also options. There is so much more I can mention but we don’t have the room! 

Emily, please tell us about the Concert at the Rocks.

Our Concert at the Rocks continues to be a hit, with all arriving by jet boat, raft, paddle boats, or their personal boats if skilled boaters. Our performances take place on our floating stage with paddle boats and stand-up rentals available to view the concert up close from the water. It brings front row and VIP backstage seats to a whole other level! All our concerts are scheduled around the sunset of the day so that all attending can safely get off the river. If you would like to camp overnight, you can do that too! We don’t know of any other experience like it, so come discover it for yourself! Genres range from Reggae to Country and tickets options available for arriving by the river can all be found on our website.

Can you say more about what makes you guys unique and how the experience is for the participants?  

Aside from the informative and thrilling nature of our jet boat tours, what truly makes us unique is what we have created for our customers at the Rogue Discovery Park. Our 54-acre Rogue Discovery Park is our layover spot for all tours. 

The property includes our 40-acre little “Lake Rogue Jetter” which was formerly a 45-foot-deep aggregate mining pit, which offers incredible bass fishing opportunities and bird viewing galore. The park is in a stunning location along the Rogue River under the cliffs of Lower Table Rock with clear unobstructed views of Mt. McLoughlin and Mt. Ashland. We only allow access to the park via the river, adding to its unique nature. The park has been specifically designed with families in mind, offering something for every age group. Once you get off our boats, you feel like you have arrived on a river island because you can see the waters of the lake and the river all around you! That’s when the fun is just getting started! 

Taylor, can you give us an overview of what an average tour looks like?

We offer our 2.5 hr. Discovery Tours 7 days a week, 4 times a day, from May through the first week of September. Once you load your boat at Touvelle we head upriver to learn and see important historical locations involving the indigenous Native Americans and early settlers. Our first stop is the location of where the Rogue Indian War started, which ultimately resulted in the formation of Oregon as a state. You also get to see historical fishing celebrity retreats once favored by Clark Gable, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ginger Rogers. Our turnaround location upstream is Rattlesnake Rapids, just west of Eagle Point, which is a natural barrier for boats going upstream. Find out if the name really originated with snakes! From there we head back downstream and make our way below Touvelle. This is where the Table Rocks start to shine with incredible views, a little geology lesson, and fun splashes. The next stop is our Discovery Park! The Discovery Park is the unexpected cherry on the top. You can choose to lounge in a riverside hammock taking in the sweet river air and Table Rock cliff views, play one of the many games throughout the park, rent a boat to explore Lake Rogue Jetter, or order food and drinks and watch all the action! Don’t forget to partake in our souvenir arrowhead hunt and bring home a fun reminder of what you learned on the river! This layover lasts around 45 minutes and then you are loaded on the boat and head further downstream for additional fun and learning. Turn around downstream is just above Gold Hill at the old Gold Ray Dam site and the location of where Ft Lane and Oregon’s “Trail of Tears” of our Indigenous peoples started. From there you make your way back to Touvelle with a little secret river island exploration and a possible sighting of Rogue Squatch. You will step off the boat feeling a new sense of wonderment in what Southern Oregon is all about and plenty of meaningful memories to look back on. 

You guys have had some great testimonials. Would you mind sharing some of those with us?

 “Decided to try Rogue Jet Boat Adventures for a friend’s birthday! It was a great trip, with a knowledgeable guide and beautiful scenery. We loved learning about the history of the Upper Rogue and enjoyed the smaller boat, which made it feel more personal. I would highly recommend it to anybody thinking about a trip on the Rogue.” -Erica L. 

“Great people! Not only did they accommodate our crazy group, but they also shuttled us and made changes to fit our group’s personality! Truly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! The most amazing time I have spent in a long time.” -Terrie H. 

“It gets harder and harder to entertain teenage grandkids from out of town. But this jet boat ride was just the thing for three generations. Taylor was a great guide and driver with a couple of big doughnuts to add to the excitement. I’ve lived in the valley for 30-plus years but never saw this section of the river and the Table Rocks from this angle. I would highly recommend Rogue Jet Boat Adventures.” -Kim M.

 Check-in is located at Touvelle State Park? 

 Yes, we have conveniently located just minutes from the Medford/Central Point area and the I-5 corridor. We are under a 30-min drive from the Ashland area.

 Do you have any age restrictions for your trips? 

 All ages are welcome, but we generally don’t recommend infants, only because our boats are open to the elements and water spray can come aboard at any time. If parents choose to bring an infant, we ask that they carry them in a front pack carrier, so they become part of the parent. Of course, we have life jackets for all sizes including infants. Most little ones end up falling asleep because of the soothing hum of the boats. Elderly and pregnant ones are welcome to take our tour as well and we load them first, along with little ones, seating them in a back row near the captain’s watchful eye. The back rows tend to be drier on hot days and the G-force is nearly nonexistent in the back row. Our oldest customer so far was a spry 97-year young woman, and she loved every minute of it! 

Anything else you’d like to share? 

Yes! Every May and June we offer discounted rates to schools for field trip fun days with arrival by school bus. The Discovery Park easily transforms into an outdoor classroom with interpretive boards and many hands-on science-based options for teaching outdoors. The option to add a 20-minute “fun run” on the jet boats takes the whole learning experience to another level. The most common phrase we hear is “Best Day Ever!” Give us a call to learn more. 

If you would like the opportunity for a memorable company event, give us a call and we will set you up with an onsite personal tour of what the Discovery Park can offer you. We allow groups to bring in their own food trucks, music, and decor. Anything you can think up we can most likely make it happen. Not very creative? We got you covered!

Emily, what is the best way for us to book an activity with you?

Please visit our website at or call 541-414-4182 anytime.
We will see you on the Rogue!


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