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Saunara Brown – Booth 581

I was born and raised in an international township in the southeast of India called Auroville. In Auroville, I was encouraged to be creative and think outside the box. This unconventional beginning ignited in me a love for the arts and creativity at large. However, as I grew into an adult and moved into my higher academic education, I lost touch with my creative self. I stressed about the more practical matters of life. Looking back now, I see how much I could have benefited from leaning into my creative self more. But, losing touch with that side of myself only made the rediscovery sweeter.

Fluid art entered my life five years ago after watching a video of someone doing the classic “flip cup” where you fill a cup with paint (and mediums), flip it onto a canvas then lift the cup and watch the colors roll and shape shift. Since then I’ve been like the Mad Hatter in my studio whenever I can find free time (most evenings), creating recipes and expanding on different techniques. The venues of fluid art expression have expanded over the past decade due to the advancement in acrylics and multiple new mediums. The great thing about fluid art is that the possibilities are endless with new techniques and recipes being created every day around the globe.

Painting has become my greatest enjoyment and one of the biggest love stories of my life. When I am creating a painting, I am fully present with what is “becoming” and allow myself to step outside the daily stressors of life and my mental analysis of self, others, and the world we live in. I just paint.I believe that each of us can benefit from daily creativity. I also know that this shows up differently for everyone whether it’s painting, cooking, gardening, surfing or dance…there are so many ways to be present with the flow of creative energy. Painting is also my greatest self-care. As a mental health therapist with a private practice, I am honored to hold space and support clients during these challenging times. And at the end of the day, in order to recharge my own battery  so I can continue to support others, I Paint:)

For the last few years I have been blessed with a booth at the Ashland Artisan Emporium. Here I have been able to share my art with the locals of our valley. I am very grateful for the support of our community. I work to keep prices down and appreciate the sales as it allows me to buy more supplies! I intend to keep painting and creating and becoming….hope you will take a moment to check out my creations. 

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