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Since receiving Neurofeedback with the customized approaches we use at Ashland Neurofeedback & Therapy, many clients have realized that the source of their difficulties was poor brain function. If you think about it, everything is processed and mediated through the brain, so why not consider the brain first to solve problems? This is often overlooked. If your neurology is stuck in a dysfunctional loop, you may find many mind-body approaches largely ineffective. Most limitations can be due to a lack of neural plasticity-the brain’s capacity for lasting change throughout life. 

Some of the clients we most enjoy working with are those who have had recurrent feelings of being capable, creative, and intelligent, but repeatedly “lose steam” and are unable to “land” in their capacities. You might know someone who goes from thing to thing and simply cannot figure out why success continues to elude them.

The issue may be attentional, such as ADHD or ADD. You may have old emotional trauma. You may have suffered from depression or illness for many years. You may have had brain injuries or concussions. You may simply find it hard to deal with the stresses of life. All of these can affect what we call “neurological stamina,” or your brain’s ability to create, manage, and sustain change.

The methods we use can allow you to increase your resiliency and your ability to sustain a desired state. Focused attention, excitement about life, creativity, calmness, confidence, energized awareness, courageousness, acceptance and peace. When your brain is functioning optimally it is much easier to sustain these states. Life becomes a joy instead of a struggle. I have experienced this, and I invite you to train your brain to deal with your limitations at the root level with IASIS MCN. Neurofeedback is both a stand-alone intervention and can be used with therapy and other approaches.

Please contact Suzanne at (541) 631-8757 to discuss your unique brain and how it can achieve optimal function at Ashland Neurofeedback.


Smart Tip: Make sure you get a variety of Essential Fatty Acids for best brain function.

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