Smart Housing Choices to be Built in Ashland

What’s your house payment? Is it what you pay the mortgage company: the Principal, Interest, Taxes & Insurance? It is not. The REAL house payment is PITIULM or Principal, Interest, Taxes & Insurance, Utilities, Location, and Maintenance.

Let’s break this down. If you buy a 2023 Earth Advantage home, your energy efficiency is significantly better than a home ten or twenty years old or older. That saves you money and helps the planet. And that new home will have fewer maintenance costs. The average life expectancy of a dishwasher or water heater these days is about ten years. And if you can walk or ride a bike to schools, restaurants, and shopping, then that location will save you on automobile operating and maintenance costs.

Ashland is about to get a gift of some great housing options. I recently toured the soon-to-be-built Beach Creek Community by KDA Homes ( These homes are way above code-built homes. The community layout and home designs are excellent. I spoke with Laz Ayala, Dave DeCarlow, and Mark Knox about this state-of-the-art, environmentally-conscious community of 52 homes which will focus on efficient living, wise resource use, and a lower carbon footprint. KDA meets Earth Advantage Platinum, Lifelong Housing, and Ashland FireSafe Standards.

Earth Advantage consists of five principles: energy efficiency, indoor air quality, water-wise technology, sustainable materials, and intelligent land use. Each home will have at least 12 solar panels; this will help manage soaring energy prices.

Lifelong Housing is designing a home for ease of use even with disabilities. I call it “future proofing” your home. If you can design and build a home that can later accommodate a walker or wheelchair, that’s a smart design!

Home landscapes can be attractive, drought-tolerant, and provide shade and privacy while being fire safe; this is the core of Ashland’s FireSafe Standards.

I am pleased and honored to be the preferred lender for KDA Homes and that my company, loanDepot, offers a Green Advantage Home Loan.

Visit the KDA Beach Creek Community Reveal on July 3rd from 11:00 to 3:00 PM. Come for refreshments, giveaways and take a walking tour of this new innovative community conveniently located at 192 Mountain Ave.

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