Spring Has Sprung

Spring is probably my favorite season.  Just as bulbs bloom this time of year is seems like hope does too. There is hope for new dreams to blossom and the tides to turn into ones favor. It is so enjoyable watching people venture outside and soak up the sun on the days when the rain stops.

This Spring we are seeing quite a few buyers loosing hope.  The lower supply of homes available is once again creating a frenzy. The days of being casual about scheduling viewings are over. As new houses hit the MLS, there seem to be a handful of people waiting to jump on it and in many cases, creating a multiple offer situations.  With some of the bidding wars, we are once again seeing people getting caught up in the moment. When buyers have spent months looking for a property and without success, they begin to forget what it was they were looking for the first place and in some cases, they start to “settle” for something that isn’t really what they are after.

We have always felt it’s important to have representation when buying a home but actually having a relationship with a Realtor has never been so valuable and here is why.

In a market that is changing from one day to the next, you need someone to guide you on pricing to ensure you aren’t over paying for a house.  Even if you prevail and your offer is accepted, it still needs to qualify for financing and there’s nothing worse than investing close to a $1000 in inspection and appraisal fees only to learn the price was inflated beyond what can be justified. You also want someone in your corner to rein you back in when you dive into the eBay mentality of “winning” the bid instead of paying what makes sense. Realtors are your voice of reason and why you may get emotional and rightfully so, we can keep you on track to be mindful about the investment. It important to have a trusted advisor who can gently remind you what you’re looking for, what suits your family and what is a sound choice. You need someone you can trust and who isn’t just focused on spending your money. Yes, we get paid when you buy a house and what we are paid is directly related to how much you spend. Think about that. As your Broker, if we are telling you the house isn’t in line with what suits you and/or the price doesn’t make logical sense, you really should take that to heart.

It’s also hugely important in a sellers market that your offer is as well written, attractive to the seller and their agent and that your representative has a proven track record of success. In many cases, Sellers and their Brokers are less focused on getting every last cent from a sale and more focused on whether the transaction will result in a successful closing. Having an advocate to dot the i’s and cross the t’s from the onset can eliminate the chances of receiving a counter offer which in essence just opens the door for other offers to come in before you are actually in contract. What some don’t realize is a Seller can rescind a Sellers Counter offer prior to the Buyer accepting it if a more favorable offer surfaces. Expertise and reputation have never been so important and really play a valuable part in successful negotiations in a Sellers market such as now.

If you are serious about buying a home and think you can find it by searching online, you’re really missing out on the services available to you. The Rogue Valley has some quality brokers so find one that suits you. One that really “gets” you and can guide you. It’s what we do and we have every incentive to help you position yourself in the best way possible.

Realtors have an incredible network amongst themselves and that has become even more important in the last year or two. Finding a home before it hits the Multiple Listings System has never been so valuable, particularly in the most sought after price ranges. While the inventory is slowly increasing so is Buyer appetite to be prepared to participate in this fast paced market. Align yourself with someone who is “in the know” and be committed to them. It can be grueling out there so arm yourself with a professional and let them show you what a difference it makes to have a seasoned professional guiding you through.

This spring we hope you feel all the hope on the horizon. And if we are loosing hope, reach out to those who can lend you some of their own.

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