Spring Revival

I remember many times throughout my life people telling me: “the older you get, the faster time goes by”.  While that’s generally the way it seems, the Winter months don’t tend to follow that adage!  The long nights and frigid temperatures are necessary, however.  They provide us with seasons and a diverse pallet of plants and trees that we are blessed to have.  And most of all, the amazing weather we do get here 6 months out of the year might not be as prized if we had it all year long.  Now we have made it April, the forsythia is blooming, the daffodils have risen and the sun has decided to stay with us a little longer each day.  Finally, Spring has sprung and our landscapes are celebrating.

Take note this month of the daily bounty of flowers that will appear in your (or your neighbor’s) yard this month.  While the forsythia fades, the quince and spireas will bloom, as will many flowering trees such as pears, plums and cherries.  Following those will be the amazing bouquets of flowers from azaleas and rhododendrons as well as the sweet smell of osmanthus.  And don’t forget to take notice of all the wonderful perennials that have been in hiding too.

My advice to you is to get outside and take a walk around the neighborhood or through the park.  There is so much to see!  I have always found that life’s sweetest flavors are in the details.  So, stop next time you see a flowering shrub or tree and take a few moments to look at it closely and enjoy its fragrance–Nature’s creations are true works of art.  I just bet it’ll be worth your time.  Until next month, enjoy the Spring celebration!

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