Well, according to the forecast, Southern Oregon’s schizophrenic Spring is here.  You gotta love it, right? Where else can you have rain, sun, hail, and snow all in the same hour?  Makes it kind of tough to dress appropriately, much less plan any sort of activity outdoors.  But soon the crazies will abate and we will be able to predictably plan our time spent outside, knowing that a raincoat, a scarf and a sun hat won’t have to be coordinated for a single outfit.

I hope you’ve had some time to take a stroll around the neighborhood or the park to take in some of nature’s brief, but incredible gifts of beauty and aroma.  The osmanthus is in full, sweet scented bloom.  The delicate flowers of maple trees dance with the breeze.  The Rhododendrons are hinting at a their imminent floral bounty.  It is a time to savor the present, and to await anxiously the next round of colors and aromas that are just around the corner.

Unless you are reading this outside in your garden or on your porch, you are probably inside not experiencing with the world just outside your front door.  So put down the Locals Guide, grab a raincoat, scarf and a sun hat and get outside.  Find the beauty that nature created and reconnect with the sweet smells and natural art that surrounds you.  Seriously, stop reading and get out there!

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