If Your Eyes are the Windows of Your Soul, Your Face is the Reflection of Your Health

Have you ever wondered why some people get more wrinkles than others?  Why some people seem to age faster and show early signs of aging?  There are many factors that can contribute to rapid aging—how we have treated our bodies in the past and how we treat them presently. Poor food choices, over working/exercising, smoking cigarettes, stress levels, and illness can all be contributing factors that can create great disharmonies in the body.

It goes without saying that we live in a culture that encourages a life out of balance. In Chinese medicine we have a system for recognizing those physical and spiritual imbalances, not only with pulse and tongue diagnoses, but facial diagnosis, as well. The way the face ages, where the lines and wrinkles form and the texture and color of the skin can reveal the health, temperament, and diet, along with the emotional and spiritual state of the person. For example, lines across the forehead point to intestinal health. Frown lines can indicate energetic blockages in the liver and frequent emotional upset.  Heavy bags under the eyes point to how the kidney energy is functioning.

Someone recently told me, and I’ve heard this several times before, “we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.” There is no doubt that we all are striving to achieve a physical and spiritual balance in our lifetimes. As energetic beings living in a physical world, we are easily thrown out of energetic balance. And, as these imbalances continue in our lives unresolved, they start to show up in our physical bodies.

One of the reasons I was drawn to learning cosmetic acupuncture is because of how powerful our face is as a micro-system. By treating the energetic points on the face we are balancing the energy of the whole body and by treating energetic points on the body we are balancing and resolving signs of disharmony on the face. The system that I learned is just that—a constitutional protocol that addresses the entire individual’s mind, body and spirit. I named my constitutional cosmetic acupuncture treatments “Bio-Radiance Acupuncture”—“Bio” meaning life and “Radiance” meaning reflecting brilliantly. So, to me, it means life reflecting brilliantly. When there is a healthy state internally, there is health expressed externally. In the classical Chinese texts, a beautiful face was defined as a “clear face, which reflects the Shen or Spirit.” It has color, radiance, expression, and is relaxed.

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Client testimonial:

“I’ve been getting Bio-Radiance Acupuncture treatments from Jeanne for a few months. I noticed an improvement in my skin right after the first treatment and, with each successive treatment, it’s only improved since then. I’m 45, and concerned that aging, stress, along with how I’ve treated my body in the past, has really started to show on my face. Recently, I had an acquaintance (who was unaware of the treatments) tell me, ‘You look luminous’ and I actually FEEL that way, again. Jeanne’s treatments not only leave me looking better, but I FEEL better, as well, because of her holistic approach. Not to mention how amazingly relaxed I feel when I leave her office. I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Kristine Kellogg-Garrison

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