Micro-needling with the Dermal Pen

I began my journey into cosmetic acupuncture when I was in acupuncture school.  I knew that Chinese medicine could treat so many things, but wrinkles too? I was very excited to hear this as I was in my mid-thirties and started to notice signs of aging.  During my last year in acupuncture college, Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, L.Ac, my teacher of Facial Rejuvenation, came to Santa Fe to teach a Facial Rejuvenation course.  I couldn’t wait to study with her.  I knew that cosmetic acupuncture for facial rejuvenation and longevity was a cutting edge treatment that offered a natural alternative to more invasion procedures. Not only does cosmetic acupuncture treat aging from the inside out but also treats the skin directly. Since my course with Mary Elizabeth Wakefield over 10 years ago, I have been offering these treatments to my patients with great results. As the field of cosmetic acupuncture evolves and new technologies become available we are able to improve our treatment protocols and offer better results.

Micro-needling (Dermal Pen treatments) is the latest in anti-aging technology in the realm of cosmetic acupuncture. The Dermal Pen is an electronic needling device that uses multiple needles to pierce the skin to help with skin rejuvenation.  The vibrating needles mean that skin needling is now faster, more effective and is less of a discomfort to the client.  Skin needling can give the same results as more intrusive treatments such as laser, Fraxel and chemical peels, but at a fraction of the cost and with less downtime.

As it glides across the face, the Dermal Pen’s gentle vibrational movement stimulates natural collagen and creates miniscule channels in the surface of the skin. These channels greatly optimize the absorption of the high-grade professional serums used during your treatment. This allows for 80% more of the topical nutrients to reach the dermis and basal layer than in a normal facial treatment.

Many dermatologists call micro-needling treatments, “the complexion corrector” and describe it as a step up from micro-dermabrasion, and an alternative that’s not as intense, agonizing, or costly as lasers. The result is a healthy, clean look that’s nothing like the tight or waxy look you often get with lasers.  It is recommended to get 3 – 5 treatments per year with 6 – 8 weeks in between sessions. This treatment is recommended to help rejuvenate skin for women from their thirties to their sixties.

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