How to Honor this Life and Live in Abundant Health

Life is precious.  We only have this one experience, as we know it.  So what do we do with this beautiful gift of life?  The body gives us this experience we call life.  How are we treating our body?  Do we honor this vessel that holds this life?  Many of us take this experience we are living for granted. Do we listen to our body’s needs, choose foods that have optimal nutritional value, or use products that are non-toxic? As durable as we are, we are also just as fragile. How many of us wake up in the morning and give thanks for yet another day of life?  How many of us tell ourselves that we love ourselves?  It is a wonderful daily practice but, with all that life brings, we often get caught up in distractions.

Today I want to remind you to slow down and breathe in the beauty of life with awareness.  Give thanks and open your heart to yourself. As we become more aware of the unique experience we are blessed with, we gain a new sense of responsibility for this life, and for our body.  We start making better choices for ourselves, and for our body.  Let us not wait until our body is sick and signaling us for help before we start taking good care of it.  In this day and age there are so many wonderful foods, herbs, supplements, therapies, and products available to us for prevention and treatment of disease and illness.

Today, cancer is on the rise.  It is very important to take measures to reduce our risk to cancer.  Let us not put toxins in, or on, the body any longer.  Things such as cigarette smoke, preservatives, and food chemicals, even body lotions, soaps, laundry detergents, household cleansers, air fresheners, shampoos, hairsprays, and cosmetics – the list is endless.  There are already plenty of toxins in the environment so it is important not to overload our bodies with more toxins that we are purchasing.  Look closely at all the products that you are using in your household. If you don’t know which ones are toxic read the labels.

Simple recipe for natural household cleanser:

Sprinkle baking soda, about 1 tablespoon on surface.  Add 1-2 drops of the lemon oil. Scrub the sink with a damp, not wet, sponge or cloth. Rinse thoroughly.

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Siskiyou Clinic of Natural Medicine

At Siskiyou Clinic of Natural Medicine we provide gentle, effective therapies to help our patients prevent and recover from illness, find relief from injury, post-operative recovery and achieve optimal health. Using traditional acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines, and massage we work skillfully and compassionately with our patients to restore physicial and mental vitality, resiliance and well-being. Siskiyou Clinic of Natural Medicine is located in beautiful Ashland, Oregon among the gentle Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon. Appointments in Ashland can be scheduled by calling 541-482-7056, and in Medford at 541-776-2333.

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