It’s Not Only Skin Deep ~

For many years I’ve been practicing acupuncture—10 years to be exact—and this year I turned 47. Yikes! Just a few more years and I’ll be 50.  Okay, realistically folks, 50 is the new 30; at least that’s my belief.  Yes, things change a bit—noticing a few more lines here and there, maybe a bit looser skin—as my son so innocently points out to me.

At this point in life many people reach for Botox and fillers, micro-derma abrasion treatments, etc. Personally, I haven’t resorted to such drastic measures but can understand why one would.  It’s hard to look in the mirror and see changes on the outside when you still feel 20 on the inside and just want everything to be in synch. That’s why over the years I’ve been learning and developing new techniques and products to keep the body, skin and mind all in synch with one another.

It is good to start taking really good care of the body, mind and spirit at a young age.  Let’s face it—what we put in and on our bodies has a cumulative effect. And, when I say in and on the body, I mean everything from skin care to belief systems. So, start early if you have that luxury, but it’s never too late.

My approach is holistic and all natural.  Acupuncture is wonderful for helping us de-stress and to integrate our lives, bringing harmony and balance to our thinking and our choices. It really helps to have treatments that can move us through our “stuckness.” It doesn’t do anyone any good when we can’t let go of something that just needs to flow through us so that we can move forward in life.  I am really enjoying helping my patients let go of outmoded energy so that they can truly blossom.  On the skin deep level I’ve developed a wonderful skin cream that is 100% natural/organic. It penetrates deeply to nourish down to the dermal layer so that fine lines diminish and a healthy glow results.  Using this skin cream, in conjunction with a micro-needling Derma Pen treatment to remold the epidermis, has proven to be quite effective in diminishing lines, decreasing hyper-pigmentation and toning of loose skin—to my son’s delight.

Just remember… all healing starts with ourselves.

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At Siskiyou Clinic of Natural Medicine we provide gentle, effective therapies to help our patients prevent and recover from illness, find relief from injury, post-operative recovery and achieve optimal health. Using traditional acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines, and massage we work skillfully and compassionately with our patients to restore physicial and mental vitality, resiliance and well-being. Siskiyou Clinic of Natural Medicine is located in beautiful Ashland, Oregon among the gentle Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon. Appointments in Ashland can be scheduled by calling 541-482-7056, and in Medford at 541-776-2333.

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