FREE Enrollment Assistance for Cover Oregon

Hello Ashland!
At last fall is upon us! A season of change, and especially this year; we Ashlanders, and our fellow Oregonians, are about to make history…

Health Care Exchange Opening This Month!
As of Tuesday, October 1, enrollment begins on Oregon’s health care exchange marketplace- Cover Oregon!  Coverage for individuals, families and small businesses will begin January 2014.

FREE Enrollment Assistance is Available for ALL Individuals and Small Businesses
An estimated 282,000 Oregonians are expected to sign up for health benefits through Cover Oregon, who have trained a network of certified agents and community partners to assist in this process. As a newly certified Cover Oregon Agent, I can’t wait to get started helping people to get the coverage they need!

My Personal Goal: To Assist 1,000 Oregonians to Navigate the Online Enrollment Process
I am proud to be a part of this historic change, and have obtained my state license, and Cover Oregon certification because I genuinely want to be of service. I believe strongly that all Americans should have health insurance, and have rolled up my sleeves to do everything in my power to make Health Care Reform a success!

As a certified agent of Cover Oregon, I am now qualified to help you every step of the way, including the online enrollment process. This service is completely FREE.  Help me reach my goal, and I will help you get the best coverage at the best price!

Make sure you get the RIGHT coverage! Call Now For Your Appointment: 541.864.9439
Eliminate the stress and guesswork. Call me now for your appointment. You will be glad you did.

Already Insured? You Owe It to Yourself to Check Out the Exchange!
I have been consulting with Ashlanders in the field, and have yet to see a client who could not realize substantial savings by shopping the exchange. If you earn less than $44,000 per year, and do not get affordable insurance through your workplace, you can qualify for federal assistance. Call me now, for your FREE consultation.

Small Business? Take a Look! The Exchange Offers You Options You Never Had Before!
Already insuring your employees? Call now for a FREE consultation.  I may be able to save you thousands of dollars, while improving your benefits.

And, of course, Aflac can help make a good policy even better- providing cash when you need it most. Ask me at your appointment, to find out how!

See you around town! –Sue Carney

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