Spring Updates

Here at the shop it is that slow time of year where we await to see how early or late spring will officially arrive. It’s still a little early to tell, but with daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses popping up all over the valley and trees starting to bloom it looks like it might be an early one.

If you’re a bike rider or thinking about purchasing a new bike, now is the type to capitalize on good deals. We are currently offering free pick-up and drop off within Ashland city limits if you schedule your spring tune-up in the month of March. We also have a few clearance electric bikes/trikes left, some as low as $800, including some high end mountain bikes for less than $3000, if you want to get started and hit those trails early.

If you’re waiting for the perfect bike, then we are also happy to announce that many of our suppliers have made some price corrections now that supply chains and shipping have stabilized from covid levels. You can now own a high quality Tern GSD for just $4500 and if you live in Ashland and qualify for the city rebate, that’s only $3900 to transport yourself and two other people.  If your budget is a little smaller, then the Aventon Abound cargo bike is only $1350 after rebate. This is a higher quality e-bike and the rebate makes it significantly cheaper than the popular Radwagon for families. It’s a rare occasion when buying local vs buying online actually saves you money, but in this case it does. So please help spread the word with your friends and family, so we can help keep more of your hard earned money local and send less of it to the big corporations.

We’re generally excited about the price reductions across most of our brands that make these bikes more accessible to people, but one we’re particularly excited about is the Bulls Iconic Evo 750 Wave. It’s a commuter bike with the Bosch CX performance motor (mountain bike motor) which allows those that live on some of the steepest hills in Ashland climb them effortlessly for only $2699 with rebate. This is going to be a good season for new buyers.

Lastly, if you already own a bike, please take them for a test ride on the next warm day available, even if just for a short ride. Every year we get a huge rush and backlog when spring finally arrives. Dust your bike off, make sure the battery is working, the tires are inflated and that the gears are shifting. If anything is not working as it should, schedule some time and beat the rush. Happy Riding!

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