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Summer Time Fun

This summer looks incredibly different from most summers we’ve had in the past. No proms, no graduations, and no real travel plans. When things are at such a standstill right now, what can we do to enjoy this time to be free? Our family has had a lot of fun recently. My wonderful wife Emily, along with the boys’ help, decided to pick themes for every weekday in May.

Here’s the list:

Star Wars Mexico
British Day Peter Pan Disney
Pajamas Rocky Balboa Medieval Italian `80s
Pirates Superhero
Western Dr. Seuss Crazy Hair Space
School Spirit
‘Murica (patriotic)Toga party Family History

Why not add some fun into your plans and develop themes from your favorite memories? You can celebrate all summer long.

Here’s some questions to get you thinking, then follow up with more focused and deeper questions.

Where was my parents’ favorite place to visit? Where did they like to eat? What was the grossest thing your dad loved to eat but you couldn’t stand?

Who taught you how to drive? What kind of car? What time of year?

What’s your favorite sport to play, or to watch? Do you have a favorite athlete? What have you always wanted to learn to play?

Which play or Broadway show could you just not live without? Who were your favorite actors? Do you have a song or dialogue that speaks to you?

As restrictions ease we’ll be seeing the people and places we love more often. Responsibly invite groups that will celebrate your theme days together! We hope you have a great summer, that things keep returning to normal, and that we can start to breathe a sigh of relief from that tough spring!

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