The Fast and the Furious

This month’s Car of the Month is not a car at all. This is a vehicle of the two-wheel kind of which I am more passionate about than the four-wheeled variety. This is a vehicle that made Marlin Brando tough, Steve McQueen a stud, and the Hells Angels scary.We are talking about a vehicle that talks to every nerve ending in your body, that stimulates and heightens your sense of awareness, and makes your heartbeat race at the sense of controlled danger it provides. A machine that is so sensitive that it responds to the slightest body movement, muscle twitch and synapse fire. Think about where you want to go and it will take you there. Twist the throttle a degree and your breaking the speed limit. This vehicle does not really push your adrenaline button but rather stomps on it! Yes, I am talking about motorcycles.

If we are going to talk about motorcycles we might as well go straight to the top of the heap. The Italian manufacturer is Ducati and the model is the Desmosedici. Translation Desmo is Ducati’sengineering marvel of their engines ‘springless’ valve train and ‘sedici’ is short for sixteen valves.It was basically stolen from between the legs of Casey Stoner, motoGP’s 2007 world champion, affixed with a few lights and a license plate and called street legal. It is more like street lethal! With 200 horsepower on tap and speeds close to 200 mph it doesn’t demand respect it commands it. It has more exotic materials than then a stealth fighter and more sophisticated electronics then your iPhone. It’s exotic, sexy and expensive.

This Italian seductress has a price tag that flirts with six digits and its current owner, Mason, is in a quandary. The Desmosedici likes to be ridden hard and at the same time is unforgiving. She taunts you with her seductive sound and looks and will buck you if you try to tame her. It has no creature comforts making street riding a painful chore. Her small gas tank and thirst for fuel will make you mentally map out gas stations along your route for fear of pushing her home. Take her to the racetrack and she’ll insist she be ridden hard and if you don’t you will return to the pits with your tail between your legs wishing you were anywhere else but on this bike. Yeah, Mason loves her, but he also hates this fast and furious beast.

Happy Motoring!!!

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Aaron Bloch

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